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10 Ways to Use Promotional Products

June 1st, 2013

You already know putting your logo on cutting edge promotional products will help improve your branding recognition and branding success. But what are the most successful branding options you have for making use of creative products?

Build Brand Identity and Loyalty, Promote New Products

In general, useful promotional products are kept around the office, car, or house by your clients… reminding them of your brand for months or years to come. That alone makes them great ways of promoting a big, general message like your brand or your most popular product. Instead of having to pay for an ad every month, your promotional items will keep working as long as it is useful.

Promotional items are also great for introducing freshly launched products and offers. These don’t have any recognition yet, so the constant boost they get from promotional items is very powerful.

Useful tip: always, always have your web address on your products! If someone wants what you have to offer, that way they’ll know exactly where to go. The fewer the number of steps they have to take to reach you, the more likely they’ll do it.

Leave Behinds on Sales calls and Meetings

Just dropping off your business card isn’t enough these days. Cards seem to get lost in the sea of other business cards, and from there they make their way to the trash bin.

On the other hand, leaving behind a promotional item makes a lasting impression. Promo items just don’t get tossed out so easily. Of course, the most effective promotional products are the ones that are related to your business in some way, so your customers think of you every time they use the product.

Trade Shows and Events

Promotional products are a staple of any fair, trade show, or event booth. 70% of your users would go past your booth just to get your promotional product. Having free items to give away is always a draw, and in a busy trade show situation it’s practically a prerequisite to marketing your brand.

Don’t leave anyone out, if you sponsor local activities, promotional products are a great way to boost your firm’s exposure in your community.

Build Leads, Do Market Research, and Win Attention For Your Brand

80% of people will happily take your survey if it means they walk away with a shiny new promotional product… so let them!

You can even hold free contests and prize drawings, where people drop their cards or fill out a form and leave it behind in order to be entered into a contest to win. These can be a great way to boost sign ups to your newsletter, where you can convert prospects into customers over weeks and months.

Competitions, on the other hand, always attract attention. Promotional products make great prizes for small contests! If you want to offer a really spectacular prize as a draw, use your promotional products as prizes for the runners up.

Bonus Items in Purchases

If you’re going to offer a package deal, you can include a useful promotional item in the package to sweeten the deal… many people will upgrade just to get something for free.

Additional Revenue

It may seem obvious, but… have you considered selling your promotional products?

You may have some loyal fans out there who would love a branded item. This is particularly true if your firm is a fixture in your industry, a way for your clients to say, “yes, I make a point of using only the best.” Wearing promo items from your firm or leaving them around the office may be a way for them to do just that… or they may just have missed your last trade show appearance. Putting your gear up for sale is a fantastic way to ensure the people that really want your promotional stuff have a way to own it.

Reward Your High-Selling Affiliates and Loyal Customers

If someone’s brought you a lot of business, promotional products are a wonderful way to show your appreciation, especially around the holidays. Affiliates work hard to bring you new customers, and your loyal customers always like feeling appreciated.

Promotional items also make a wonderful every day loyalty booster, too. Including a free gift with every purchase — without mentioning it beforehand — is a superb way to delight everyone that buys.

Visible Wear Equals Visible Branding

Promotional apparel is highly visible, which makes it perfect for use in employee uniforms and at events… as well as a fantastic giveaway so your clients advertise to new ones.

Media Kits and Direct Mail

Looking to improve the impact of your media kits and direct mail campaigns? Especially when they’re related to your brand or your campaign, promotional products make media kits and direct mail packages a lot more memorable. Chances are, your promo item will be sitting on desks, shelves, or refrigerators long after the paper and copy has been read and recycled.

Build Your Corporate Culture

Giving out free promotional products to your employees is a fantastic way to build your corporate culture. Not only are you giving them something useful for free, but it will help build a connection between them and your firm. Happy employees even have fewer sick days and lower turnover.

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