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Where Does the Value Lie in Promotional Products?

December 31st, 2011

Have you ever wondered where promotional products rank among all the other kinds of advertising mediums?

There’s been a tremendous amount of research on the usefulness of promotional products. These days advertisers are watching every penny in an effort to reinforce brand equity. Surveys, case studies, white papers, academic articles, alpha and beta testing…the evidence is hard to ignore. And since you’re reading this blog right now I’d have to assume you’ve either used promo items before to enhance your message.

Very Effective Advertising Medium

Branded giveaways (think Nike apparel, Brookstone, Godiva and Oakley) afford advertisers the ability to leave a lasting impression, and at the same time gain favorable responses from end-users. While they’re not the least expensive items on the block, you definitely get your monies worth. Of course, this isn’t news by any means. So let’s dig a little deeper in an effort to understand why promos are a very effective advertising medium.

Why are promotional products so popular and widespread? For starters, promos are an inexpensive way for companies to reach and influence their target audience. It’s a justifiable expense, perhaps more so than placing an ad in a magazine or newspaper, a spot on the radio, an ad on a billboard, a wrap on a bus or signage on a taxi. Did you know the cost-per-impression of advertising specialties is lower than any other medium available (except for billboards)? For a mere fraction of a dollar your message has the opportunity to be seen day in and day out.

On the flip side, choosing the wrong promotional product can spell doom for your program. That’s why it’s vitally important to find distributors who can offer intelligent solutions and marketing ideas that will work for your specific program. For example, if you call a distributor and say you are looking for an impact product that will work at a trade show and the sales rep suggests a large, bulky item that should be a red flag. A well-informed promotional products specialist understands the different variables involved with handing out promos at a trade show. For example:

  • Does the customer want the item to bring people to the booth (say, LED blinking items) or do they prefer to be remembered long after the show has passed (say, a useful desk accessory)?
  • Where is the trade show located? And is there a factory that is close by?
  • If lead-time is short, which factories can expedite an order in 24 hours?
  • Does the client have camera ready art? If not, can the distributor get the art converted into a vector file (.eps or .ai), so the factory can use it.
  • Will the sales professional recommend another item if the one the client is requesting is not in their best interest? Are you dealing with a product pitcher or a brand ambassador who has your best interest in mind?
  • Will the sales professional create a custom catalog from scratch based on the client’s unique preferences in order to save them time and money? Or do they suggest searching the web site and coming to them with an item?
  • Does the client consider you an extension of their marketing arm or just another provider of inexpensive promotional items?
  • What if something goes wrong with the order? Will the distributor do everything in its power to make it right?
  • How is the customer service experience? Are all your questions answered in a timely manner? Is the order processing seamless? Do you have to ask for tracking numbers or is your rep on top of it? Do you get follow-up phone calls once the order has been received ensuring everything turned out ok?
The promotional product specialists at Farfromboring.com can help you find the right item according to any budget and lead-time. Call (866) 751-PROMO to get started today.
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