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What Else is Out There?

October 8th, 2011

Promotional Product Specialists

If you are reading this post I bet I can tell you a little bit about yourself – and the truth may very well surprise you.

For starters, I’ll assume you are looking to purchase the perfect promotional product for your next campaign. And whether or not you were delegated this task or have always been in charge of procurement, I can safely assert there is nothing else you hate more than to search site after site, category after category, looking for the perfect promo item…only for your search to end in frustration.

So you pick up the phone and ask for help. Here’s what you say:

“Hi. I’m looking for an item that will help me get past the gatekeepers in my industry. Can you help me?”

Supplier X: “Sure. What are you looking for? Mugs? Calendars? Pens?”

Caller: “I’m thinking about some plastic pens. I want to spend around $0.60 for each pen.”

Supplier X: “Ok. If you go to our site and click on pens you will find a huge assortment of…”

Stop right there. Did the person on the other end of the phone, a so-called promotional products supplier, suggest you stick with your original idea of handing out plastic pens to the very people you need to impress?

Yes they sure did. And that is why I sympathize with your frustrations. It is much easier to ask someone to come back with a product number and fill out an order than it is to come up with ideas and show you what else is out there.

Since when do gatekeepers enjoy plastic pens or calendars anyway? The customer service rep should have picked your brain. They should have asked what industry are you in? Who are the gatekeepers? Are they male or female? What are their interests?

We ask questions like these so we can offer suggestions that will work. We take the time to put together a custom catalog based on YOUR unique preferences, so you don’t have to waste time and energy clicking on page after page. In all likelihood, we know you have to report back to your boss, and we want you to look like an All-Star.

Bottom line? We earn your business the old-fashioned way: by listening to your needs…then we provide solutions that will work. Let me emphasize this next point: We don’t guess what will work; we know what will work based on experience.

The reason I know you are looking to see what else is out there is because I constantly hear the same response from caller after caller.

Chat LiveSo if any of this strikes a chord I encourage you to pick up the phone right now and speak to one of our promotional products experts. To see what else is out there call 866-751-PROMO (7766).

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