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Trending: Compressed T-shirts with QR codes

April 7th, 2012

Promotional compressed T-shirts come in so many shapes and have so many uses.

Year in and year out, promotional apparel consistently outsells all other promotional items. The subcategory of compressed T-shirts has exploded in recent years due to one simple fact: it’s an interactive promo that engages the recipient and drives brand awareness.  Imprint a QR code on the shirt itself or on the full color insert card and the advertiser now has an effective medium for communicating a message.

Compressed T-shirt

The beauty of adding a QR code to the compressed T-shirt is 3-fold:

  1. The advertiser can track its return on investment
  2. It enables the advertiser to increase web traffic
  3. It allows the advertiser the opportunity to capture data for ongoing communications (e-mails, newsletters, etc.).

Compressed T-shirts have been used in recent years to solicit the interest of the media, bloggers and other “key influencers” who have the power to shape the opinions of the masses or select demographics. For example, let’s say you are ready to unveil a sequel to a hit video game. One way to spike interest among the press would be to mail the shrink-wrapped, 100% cotton compressed T’s to bloggers along with a press kit. The QR code printed on the insert would drive them to a dedicated web site, where a story about the game, its characters or developers could be told.

Of course, most people are not in the video gaming industry. But don’t lose sight of the concept. Most companies send out press releases without realizing the journalist on the receiving end is inundated with these releases. Many either get deleted or filed away.

Members of the press are no different than anyone else: people want to be stimulated, especially if you are trying to sell something (information or tangible products). Drive people to a web site or video that highlights your new product releases, specials, sweepstakes, whatever…but do it in a fun and unique way.

Compressed T-shirt

Here are some ideas/applications for compressed T-shirts:


  • An innovative way to distribute coupons or invitations
  • Great item used for gift with purchases
  • Food and beverage releases
  • Movies and music releases
  • Sports: Increase attendance at the gate or simply throw them in the crowd of a game
  • Radio station promotions: ideal for sponsors, concert promotion and street teams
  •  Car dealerships can incorporate the shirts into its marketing mix, encouraging people to come to the dealership and test drive new cars
  • Tradeshow giveaway: increase your booth traffic by pre-mailing and handing out at an event
  • Any kind of product launch
  • Fund-raising tool for cause-related agencies
  • Thank you gift
  • Employee incentive
  • Part of a welcome package (student orientation, for example)
  • Giveaways at theme parks (during a show to get the crowd involved/hyped)
  • And of course, brand merchandise

Candy Compressed shirt

For more applications or to get the creative ideas rolling call (866) 751-PROMO to see what kinds of compressed T-shirt shapes your company can advertise with.

Compressed promotional shirt

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