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Trade Show Part II: How to Make Sure They’ll Remember You

October 9th, 2011

Perhaps your intention is to make sure those who visit your booth will remember you long after the show passed. Easier said than done, right? Well, that all depends on how you approach your marketing direction.

In my most humble opinion, the most effective way to accomplish this is by giving away a promotional product that has legs. The item has to be something the buyer can use during the normal course of his working day. It has to afford some sort of utility. A high-perceived value has to be attached to it. Let’s roll through a few examples.

Let’s say your buyer is a warehouse manager. What kinds of products does he rely on to help him do his work faster or more efficiently?

What if your buyer works on a computer for nine hours? Think about promos that have desk real estate.

What if the program includes activities outside the scope of the show? If you know buyers will be playing rounds of golf before or after the show you have an upper hand. Not only can you incorporate the golf them into your pre-show mailings, but you can invite them to come to your booth for golf balls and tees or a towel. This will allow you to get into a foursome and hopefully broker a deal.

What I’m trying to say is put yourself in the buyer’s shoes. Think about what they rely on to perform at work – or outside of work – and pick a trade show promotional product that corresponds.

This promotional product has legs

1 GBVery few promotional products stick around as long as promotional USBs.

This versatile promo can hold your PDF catalogs, photos, sales sheets, product demonstrations, case studies, contact information…you name it. Your logo can be laser engraved or done in full color. Let me tell you how you can save thousands of dollars with a swivel USB.

A large portion of businesses ship bulky catalogs across the country. Why waste all that money on shipping when you can mail a USB? At show, why hand out marketing collateral when you can upload it for free on a USB? No one likes to lug tons of brochures with them on a plane. You know they end up in the garbage. A USB goes back home with them.

I don’t know about you but if someone gave me a promotional USB I’m not going to throw it away – even if I have a USB already. Of course, you can make more of an impact with a custom molded USB in the shape of your logo or industry type (i.e. – if you sell car insurance then you can hand out a USB in the shape of a car).

custom moldThe bottom line is you need to have a plan of attack before you decide to buy any tradeshow promotional items. You need to know the difference between attracting people to your booth as opposed to making sure they remember you after the show.

Need help figuring out what trade show promotional item is best for you? Let our experienced staff of promotional product specialists help you find what you need. Call 866-751-PROMO (7766) right now and leave the thinking up to us.

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