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Trade show 101: To Bring ‘Em In or To Be Remembered

December 4th, 2011

Farfromboring.comWhen it comes to preparing for a trade show ask yourself a simple question: Do you want the attendees to remember you long after the show has passed or do you need a way to get them to your booth?

It’s an important question. Some promotional items work well at driving people to a booth (items that flash and blink or spinning wheels with prizes), but perform poorly outside the convention walls. Others are retained long after the show has passed, giving you, the advertiser, a return on investment you can measure.

Typically, those who desire promos that bring ‘em in rely on their sales professionals to do what they do best: educate and sell. Conversely, if you don’t have the strongest sales person at the show then maybe it’s in your best interest to hand out a branded item with your call to action or contact info on it.

REMEMBER: Almost 80% of people who attend trade shows make a purchase within 12 months, so if they don’t remember you how can they buy from you?

Did Someone Mention ROI?

When we talk about ROI in the realm of advertising it is wise to consider the total cost per impression of the ad or item itself. In the world of promotional products, each category carries its own value. For example, industry studies have concluded the average cost-per-impression of promotional products (everything from caps and bags to desk accessories and apparel) is right around $0.004. The only advertising medium that comes close to competing with this figure is a billboard.

Back to the importance of selecting trade show promos. Did you know most people keep promotional items in their homes? Of course, the office is an ideal place for most promos, while automobiles present another space well-suited for an advertiser’s logo. If you have the budget and want to embroider your logo on a jacket, fleece or nice polo shirt I encourage you to do so. Apparel has – and probably always will be – the dominant player in the industry.


Do’s and Don’ts


When it comes to trade show handouts there is no shortage of ideas. While some make sense and can save you money in the long run (everyone loves flash drives and it saves you money on printed materials), others almost always end up in the trash bin or collect dust in a drawer (a cheap plastic pen). Some are just too bulky to travel with, let alone ship and manage during the entire set-up process (think hundreds of ceramic mugs).

A good rule of thumb to follow is to think as though you are walking up and down the aisles. Think about all the booths you visit and what your suitcase/carry-on luggage would look like if you accepted every single handout. Airline fees are high enough as it is; surely you are not going to pay the expense if your luggage is busting out of the seams because of all the promos you’ve stuffed in the bag.

One of our best-selling trade show items is this foldable and reusable tote. It works well for the advertiser (budget-friendly and carries the highest number of impressions of any promo item) and the recipient (compact and travels well, ideal for grocery shopping, etc.).

Promotional tote

If you need assistance planning for your next trade show call us today at (866) 751-PROMO. Click here for more trade show related ideas.

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