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Time is the Ultimate Luxury

November 5th, 2011

One time I heard someone say, “Time is the ultimate luxury.” As I grow older I truly appreciate that saying.

Sentiments aside, few promotional items are treasured as much as a desk clock. From the advertiser’s perspective, it’s a win-win: your client is thankful for receiving this thoughtful holiday business gift; your logo is viewed constantly throughout the workday.


Think of promotional desk clocks as another person added to your sales force. Subtle reminders of your business are kept in your client’s mind, giving you the upper hand over the competition. Not sold on the efficacy of promotional desk clocks just yet? Consider this: Businessmen and women of authority prefer desk clocks above other desk-related accessories not only because the item commands attention, but it is the final touch that makes a desk a desk.

If you are looking to give a promotional holiday gift that will be kept for years and years we recommend the following options:

Stainless Steel Desk Clock

Desk Clock

This “United We Stand” commemorative desk clock is featured in stainless steel and inherently comes with a high-perceived value. Dimension: H 4” x W 4”. Color: Silver. Gift box. Price includes one color/position imprint. Batteries not included (.35 extra). Set-up charge of $55.00. Min QTY: 50 pcs. Price: $3.89 ea.

Card Holder Clock with Pen

Desk Clock

Functionality at its finest. This high-polish silver desk caddy made from zinc alloy is designed for stately storage of business cards. Add a metal pen and glass timepiece and you have a 3-in-1 promotional desk accessory that works for any industry. Dimension: H 1 1/2 x W 5 1/2 x D 1 1/2″. Price includes one color/position imprint. Set-up charge of $55.00. Gift box and battery included. Min QTY: 25 pcs. As low as $24.49.

Picture Frame with Alarm Clock

Desk Clock

A glass panel secures a standard 4” x 6” photo of a loved one in place, while the opposite side features a classic round shaped dial with roman numerals. Dimension: H 6” x W 5-3/4” x D 2.5”. Gift box. Price includes one color/position imprint. Set-up charge of $55.00. Battery included. Min QTY: 25 pcs. As low as: $29.50.

For a wider selection of promotional desk clocks click here or call a promotional products specialist toll free today at (866) 751-7766.

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