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Think BIG: Promote Yourself Like Never Before

November 5th, 2011

Whether you are looking to give your clients a gift they will never forget, you need an oversized prop for a grand opening or you need new ideas to jazz up your trade show/event, count on these eye-catching, conversation-starting promotional products.

Just so you know, most people who buy these HUGE promotional products are looking to stir up conversations between friends and co-workers. These conversations will hopefully lead to intrigue and referrals, the lifeblood of any business.

Huge Promotional Pencil

Promotional Pencil

Make a big impression. Get noticed. Stay remembered. A gift that will always spark conversation. Promotional products are designed to provide marketers a measurable return on investment, and this oversized real wooden pencil with eraser does just that. Measures 15” long and 1-3/8” diameter. Min QTY is 50 pcs. Starting at $6.49 (500 pcs at $4.75).


Giant Beach Ball

Promotional Beach Ball

Sure, this 4-foot beach ball would entertain the kids at the beach while you catch up on that book you’ve been meaning to read. But here at Farfromboring.com we want you to expand your marketing perspective and consider alternative uses for everyday items. For example: Use this brightly colored ball made of durable vinyl to provide fun and exercise in the pool for seniors. Use it at a sporting event to get the crowd involved. Use it at a hotel pool to get the party pumping. Priced at $14.77 each.


Giant Peppermint Stick


How many licks does it take to get to the center of this 3-pound giant Peppermint stick? I’m not the type who is willing to find out, but I bet I know some children and adults who would enjoy trying to tackle this 14-inch long candy. Which is why this candy cane on steroids (it’s 2 inches in diameter) is a perfect holiday promotional gift for any business owner looking to drum up word of mouth business. Priced at $9.77 each.


Giant Calculator

Promotional calculatorIf your company is looking to promote the fact it can help its customers save money…well, consider this oversized calculator to drive home the point. Help you customers ‘add up the savings’ with these huge buttons. This plastic calculator, which is 11.5” H x 8-1/4” W and weighs 1lbs, 5 oz., comes with batteries. The tilt up display is easy to read, but I’m assuming you already figured that. Priced at $18.77 each.

To get your hands on any of these BIG promotional ideas – or if you would like a custom catalog full of various options – call (866) 751-PROMO now.

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