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The Write Promotional Pen makes all the difference!

February 13th, 2013

Customized Pens

If there is one item that no one ever turns down, it is a pen. That’s why businesses from banks to soda shops buy an incredible number of pens each year.

Pens Everywhere

A pen may be the single most common item in modern American life. They are found throughout schools, homes, workplaces, restaurants, and everywhere else.

Pens provide a far different writing experience than typing on a keyboard or a screen does. Many people find writing by hand – with their favorite pen – is an unmatchable means of written communication.

It seems that the pen may be mightier than even the smartphone touchscreen.

Ordering Promotional Customized pens

When ordering promotional customized pens, a company can be confident that the customers they give the pens to will want the pens and will use them.

They can also be sure that the customer will link the quality of the pen to the perceived quality of the company that gave it to them. For this reason, many companies choose to order customized pens which are high-quality, virtually unbreakable, and long-lasting. Ordering pens with those characteristics gives customers a good impression of the company.

A customer will likely keep a high-quality pen in a special place on their desk to guard against losing it.

This presents a valuable promotional opportunity. A company can print their logo, a short slogan, and a phone number.

Every time the customer looks at the pen, they are reminded of the company that gave the pen to them, and why that company is worth staying involved with.

Customers also give and loan pens to others. Each time they give or loan a pen branded with a company’s name and promotional message, that company is getting additional promotional value at no additional cost.

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