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The Importance of Trade Show Traffic Builders and Giveaways

March 24th, 2012

Glow products and LED lights, noise makers and clappers, inflatables, flashing balls, pens and fans, unusual and unique hats, barware that projects your logo, games and toys…the list is soo extensive I would bore you if I listed all the trade show promotional items that generate traffic to your booth.

Then again, there’s nothing boring about getting more customers. That’s why you spend thousands of dollars to showcase your wares at a trade show anyway. It would be silly to spend all that money on travel, hotel, food, entertainment, the booth, marketing collateral and catalogs and have prospects walk away from your booth without your company info on a promotional item.

Whatever you purchase, make sure it’s not a plastic pen. No one cares about receiving a promotional pen at a trade show. All your competitors will be giving $0.40 plastic pens away. Be different. Be remembered. Give away trade show promos that will be kept and used – or will create awareness and spike interest.

Consider some of these options…

Color dry erase prize spinning wheel  – traffic builder

Spinning wheel

Showcasing a prize spinning wheel at your booth is one of the best ways to drive traffic. It happens like clockwork. You have someone on staff become the carnival barker to drive people in. People will begin to crowd around. Lines will form. Excitement will ensue. Yelling and clapping. Lot’s of noise. Prizes are won. Offer people the chance to have fun – and win a prize – and you will create a crowd. Of course, it’s up to you to interest them in your products or services.


The Flying Copter Ring – attention getter

Promotional copter ring 

Pull the string to start the blades spinning and flying off of the holder. Can soar over 20 feet high in the air with the lights flashing in colorful patterns. Light comes with on/off switch. 24-hr rush service available. Priced as low as $2.09 each. $50.00 plate/set-up charge.

Metal Keychain Tool kit and flashlight combo – remember me

Multi-purpose keychain

Offering six different uses: very bright flashlight, flat head screwdriver, Phillips head, bottle opener, can opener, knife and key chain. Available in metallic red, blue and silver. Flashlight batteries are included and installed. As low as $4.90 each.

Looking for a specific trade show promotional giveaway and need the best possible price? Or maybe you would like to review a catalog filled with plenty of trade show promo ideas? Whatever the case may be we can help you save time searching and money. Call (866) 751-PROMO to get started today.

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