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The Easiest Way to Close More Deals

October 29th, 2011


The next time you go to a meeting, participate in a trade show, go to a networking event or knock on doors you need to remember one thing: try and get the prospect to agree to a small request.

Why a small request? Why not go straight for the jugular?

When I say small request I’m not talking about handing your business card to someone and requesting they put it in their pocket. I’m talking about getting a commitment from this person. This could be in the form of a follow-up phone call or another meeting.

In order to get what you want it is best to hand them a useful promotional item that explains your USP or touchstone. Just leaving them with your business card is not enough. The key is you want to try and influence their behavior in the future, and when you cash-in on their promise they will remember the gift and find it hard to disengage.

This bears repeating. They will only remember the gift if it is something they consider valuable. Handing out a $0.60 plastic pen won’t do the trick. Think about what this person does for a living and then hand out promos that will make their job easier (or at least something they can use).

If people are motivated by fear of loss more than the prospect of gaining something you should position yourself in a manner that reinforces this value. For instance, let’s say you sell homeowner’s insurance and you attend networking functions. It stands to reason most people at the event will have a mortgage, and thus will want to protect their investment. You also know that you have the best rates on flood insurance. Furthermore, you know that most people in your town do not have flood insurance because they don’t think they can afford it.

So how could you convince people they can afford flood insurance? By making an analogy/tagline they can identify with, and putting it on your promotional giveaway.

Something like: “Protect your family for a quarter a day.”

Maybe it’s not the exact line I would go with, but you get the point. Make your value proposition sound so trivial people would be foolish not to take advantage.

FarfromboringWhat kinds of promotional items could you put your tagline and contact information on?

Once you follow up with this person they will remember you because of the item you handed them. They see your name multiple times every day when they pass the fridge or when they reach for the keys or when they crunch numbers…so it stands to reason they won’t say no to your small request for a meeting.

Begin brainstorming different ways promotional products can help you get your foot-in-the-door with new prospects (or rekindle past relationships). If you need help or just don’t have the time to think of ideas let us go to work for you.

Call (866) 751-PROMO now to speak to your very own promotional products specialist.

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