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Stand Out with Custom Molded Flash Drives

December 26th, 2011

One of my favorite promotional products has to be a custom molded flash drive. If your company is known for one product it produces in particular or you simply want to stand out from the competition at a trade show, I highly recommend looking into the benefits of branding with a custom USB.

USB shapes

Available in a variety of different memory capacities (from 256MG-16G), custom molded flash drives can be produced fairly quick. Mold charges are low and minimums are as well. When you consider the amount of money your company can save just on printing costs alone (yes, they can be preloaded), it makes the decision fiscally responsible.

Savings aside, imagine the response people will have when you hand them a cool looking USB. People don’t throw these tech-related items away. They keep them on their desk, on their key chains, in their car, in the laptop bag. This translates into a massive amount of impressions per week for your brand.

flash drives

I thought of 6 reasons right off the bat why you should consider a custom molded USB for your next promotion:


  • Trade Shows: Imagine giving your customers and prospects a custom flash drive already uploaded with your company information. You save money on printing catalogs and brochures, and at the same time you can ensure your information won’t end up in the trash (think about how many handouts attendees receive and consequently throw away before they get on their flight). Plus, think about how easy it is to ship flash drives to the show. Bye, bye costly shipping charges.


  • Practical Marketing: Any time you can generate a return on investment that makes sense for your company it is a wise marketing decision. Custom flash drives help you stand out from the competition – and getting noticed is the name of the game. When you consider the cost per impression of a USB versus most any other advertising medium you will come out ahead time after time.


  • Useful Promo: Any promotional product that is useful will be kept. Thus, the advertiser can ensure his/her message is seen over and over again. Custom USBs are such a novelty item no one throws them away. Why? Because people can always use a new flash drive to store their media files and documents on.


  • Universal Appeal: Not only do your customers have a need for them, but think about the different departments in your company and how it can benefit them. The guys in charge of logistics and inventory would love to cut shipping costs by eliminating bulky marketing materials. HR would love to put their procedures and paperwork on flash drives and hand them out to new employees. Management would enjoy having all financial data on them. The marketing team would enjoy sending out press kits and releases to the media on a custom USB. The sales team could upload contracts and sales presentations in a flash.


  • Perceived Value: Whenever you purchase branded promos you have to think in terms of perceived value. How would you feel if you were given the item you are about to purchase? Is it cheap and useless? Or can it save time, money or make life easier? Pre-loaded flash drives not only afford the advertiser all three luxuries, but the recipient has a built-in need for these devices already…so it’s not hard to ‘sell’ them on the usefulness of the item.


  • Be Different: Custom molded USBs are plain fun. It’s different than the average cap or swivel drive. They make an impression. People are tactile creatures, and will enjoy holding this 3-D object in their hands. Unique flash drives can also spark conversation amongst other potential customers.

Wondering how much a custom molded USB will set you back? While it is hard to pin point an exact price (every mold is unique), Farfromboring.com does guarantee you’ll receive a price that is extremely competitive. How can we be so sure? We deal with overseas factories so you don’t have to pay for the middleman mark-up. How’s that for service.

For more information about ordering your very own custom flash drive call (866) 751-PROMO.

USB assembly line

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