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Spruce Up Your Earth Day Promos

March 9th, 2012

When it comes to corporate responsibility and doing your part for the environment what kinds of measures does your business have in place? If none are currently present consider starting with your marketing materials, specifically recycled and reusable promotional items.

Bamboo 1GB flash driveMost businesses have to advertise, create a brand experience and engage their customers. The problem is people who don’t come from a marketing background are sometimes at a loss for ideas, especially those that can tie-into a product offering or specialized service. Even worse, most fail to consider the impact advertising has on the environment.

Consider this: Say you and all your competitors place ads in the New York Times (remember without ads there would be no paper). If each person recycled a single run of the Sunday New York Times it would save 75,000 trees. Now, this number pales in comparison to this startling fact: Approx. 1 billion trees worth of paper are thrown away every year in the U.S. alone. The sad truth is more waste paper needs to be recycled.

So what can you do? What kinds of small measures can your business take to reduce its waste or consumption of energy?

With Earth Day fast approaching, the good-natured folks at Farfromboring decided to break down the math…that is, how many years it takes for some everyday household items to decompose:

  1. It can take plastics up to 500 years to break down
  2. Aluminum cans stay around for 500 years as well
  3. Organic materials, cotton fibers, rags and paper products take 6 months

Seed Our Future The bottom line is this: If you currently use promos as part of your marketing mix, doesn’t it make sense to purchase eco-friendly promotional items instead of aluminum or plastic-based products? In some cases, it costs less to purchase eco-friendly promotional products than their fossil fuel counterparts. In others, the cost is nominally more. But aren’t a few extra pennies worth making a much larger impact? We think so.

And so, continuing with our Earth Day theme, here are a few great ideas you can toss around in your budget meetings:

  • Recyclable and reusable tote bags (walking billboards for your logo)
  • Seeded paper bookmarks, shapes and postcards (the seeds really grow!) Seeded Bookmark
  • Plant-A-Tree Cards (universally approved, digital rewards)
  • Recycled notebooks and journals (custom journals can include sustainable tips)
  • Double wall biodegradable tumbler (think gift-with-purchase or retail item)
  • Recycled lanyards (tradeshow giveaway)
  • Plants and flowers (think grow cups for desk real estate)
  • Corn-based plastic pens (help reduce our plastic consumption)
  • Eco-button (saves computer energy and reduces electric bill)
  • Hand-cranked solar power flashlight (auto and home accessory)



Did you know Farfromboring.com was one of the first Internet companies to offer eco-friendly promotional items? Call (866) 751-PROMO and let us know what interests you. We’ll create a custom virtual catalog based on your project’s budget, requirements, timeline and artwork. Let us help you help the environment!

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