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Spotless Swing Golf Towel: A Promotional Hole-in-1

March 27th, 2012

It doesn’t matter whether you are a weekend warrior or club pro, belong to a private club or hit up the local muni, you’ll find a golf towel on almost every bag at the course. Let’s face it: golf is a dirty game. And I’m not talking about how your game does you dirty.

We all know in order to succeed on the course your swing has to stay consistent. But what about all those missed shots that end up in the rough or the sand trap? Your club face gets dirty. You need to wipe it clean, but your towel doesn’t quite get into the grooves on your wedge. So what do you do? Nothing. You wipe it off to the best of your ability and drop it back into your staff. It’s not until you finished your round till your clubs get wiped clean, and even then the job isn’t done completely right.

Introducing the Spotless Swing Golf Towel

Promotional Golf Towel

Protect and preserve your golf clubs the right way with this premium multi-use golf towel. It’s really a 3-in-1 towel that might just help you play better (clean grooves equal less friction, which means your shot is more on line with the intended target).

The outside of the towel keeps your grips, gloves, hands and face clean and dry. The inside traps debris from dirty or wet clubs. And the microbrush fabric (feels like a brillo pad) cleans the club grooves on contact with little effort. In essence, what you get is a microfiber towel that absorbs over 600% of its weight in dirt, grime and water. It truly is a must for any golfer, scratch, weekend warrior or club pro.

Available in black with red trim, classic red, pink, white or black. Not sure why you would choose white, unless you like to do laundry.

Promote your Brand with the Spotless Swing Towel

Have you ever taken a client to your favorite course and showed them a good time? Of course you have. Now imagine you are both walking to the cart after you drained a birdie on Hole No. 3 (your wedge approach brought you within three feet). You place the putter in the bag and wipe off your wedge with the spotless swing towel.

Your client sees the towel, looks intrigued and inquires: “Nice towel. Where’d you get it?”

You respond: “I found it online and had to have it. If you want one, I have an extra towel in my bag.”

Of course, your client obliges. It would be rude not too. And of course, your company logo is embroidered on the towel, so every time he plays golf he will be seeing your logo every time he cleans a club. Not to mention, the people is with will see the towel too. Conversation will ensue and perhaps you will land a meeting through a referral. Perhaps not. Unless you give these towels away to your clients you’ll never know.

Call (866) 751-PROMO to get your hands on a sample or to order yours today. Click here to see our line of traditional golf towels.

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