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Promotional pen with a flashlight. A Bright Idea!

February 21st, 2013

It’s important when growing your business, that your build your business’s brand correctly.  Giving your company its own unique brand image , is an ideal way of making you stand out among your competitors. A great way to build your company’s brand is to get customized, promotional items that your company can use in the office, in giveaways, and as promotional gifts for customers and potential customers.

Farfromboring is a wonderful company that produces these types of items. They produce a wide array of some of the most original and innovative promotional products that can help a company’s marketing and branding campaigns. One great item the company offers to customers is their Flashlight with Light up Pen and Extra Bright LED Light products can be found here:

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What is the Flashlight with Light up Pen and Extra Bright LED Light?

The Flashlight with Light up Pen and Extra Bright LED Light product is a handy flashlight that comes with a pen. The flashlight features a highly useful extra bright LED light, which makes it ideal for even the darkest of conditions. You can either use the whole item as a flashlight, or you can use it as a light-up pen. This product is ideal for business owners who want to increase their visibility and promote their brand. Your company’s name and logo can be printed onto this product, making it an asset for all businesses. Farfromboring is a unique and innovative company that makes a number of revolutionary products that are ideal for use as promotional products.

How Businesses Can Use the Flashlight with Light up Pen Product

Businesses can use this unique, fun and innovative pen in a number of ways. Firstly, the pen can be handed out to your staff. You staff can take the flashlight pen home with them and use it anywhere, and as the product will have your company’s name and logo on it, it is a great form of free advertising for your business.

Secondly, you can provide these pens to your customers as a promotional gift. By doing this you not only appear as a caring and generous company to your customer, but you also have another form of free advertising. If your customer uses the product, they won’t forget about your company, and others who see them using this flashlight pen with see your brand name, which means you further increase your company’s visibility. This pen, and more of Farfromboring’s products can be found at


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