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Promos for the Medical Industry

December 4th, 2011

Hospitals, healthcare providers and insurance carriers, nursing homes and rehabilitation centers – this post is for anyone involved in the healthcare industry looking for promotional items that make sense.

In no particular order you’ll see children-friendly promos mixed in with one’s that entertain and those that protect your patients from germs and bacteria. No matter what kind of program or message you are trying to promote (from healthy eating and exercise to proper hygiene and mental exercises) there is a promotional product for everyone.

Recently, we helped a medical facility promote the importance of proper hygiene and healthy hands by suggesting they go with wet wipes in a small recyclable canister. It comes with 30 wet wipes (lavender scent) and a 4-color process label wraps around the canister. As low as $1.23 each.

Wet wipes

Sanitizer sprays are very popular among healthcare facilities and private practices. Here’s a cool twist on these popular antibacterial sprays. Create your own full-color art work or use any stock designs (try istockphoto.com for ideas). Allows for approx. 120 sprays of citrus-scented hand sanitizer.

Shirt sanitizer spray

When we get older our equilibrium is sometimes compromised. Unfortunately, slips and falls happen to the elderly. While it is practically unavoidable, there is one approach the Orient has relied on for centuries: What you dwell on becomes reality. In other words, feeling is believing. If you think you can maintain your balance you will.

These balance bracelets feed off the natural harmony between the earth and all living things. While we all know these bracelets do not cure challenged equilibriums, we can all attest to the power of the mind – and positive energy. Priced as low as $6.98. Not bad, considering most people who receive this gift will wear it day in and day out, giving the advertiser dozens of impressions throughout the day (way more than any literature could muster).

Promotional balance bracelet

If you would like more healthcare-related ideas call us today at (866) 751-PROMO. We’d be happy to e-mail you a personalized catalog complete with ideas that will work for your program. Or you can start browsing right now by clicking here.


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