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Part 2: Car Dealership Gift with Purchase Strategies

December 25th, 2011

One of the best ways to show your customers you care about them is to follow-up with a gift. Not only is it smart, but it goes along way to earning a reputation – and ultimately it brings in referrals.

Picture it like this…

You just bought a brand new car. You are excited and want to tell the entire world about it. For approximately a month you call your family and friends and maybe you boast via social media about your new car. At this stage you have nothing but great things to say about the car, the dealership and maybe even the salesman who helped you.

And what do you know? Before the 30 days are up you get a package in the mail from the dealership. What could it be? So you tear the box open and wallah…it’s your very own Roadster Gift Set alongside a well-written Thank You card. What a thoughtful gift you say to yourself – and you proceed to tell some more people about the gift.

Make Your Customers Feel Appreciated

The moral of this little story is you need to think of ways to make your customers feel appreciated. Offering free lifetime oil changes and tire rotations goes a long way to keeping your customers loyal – and so do the right promotional products.

Think about promotional items like this handsome Roadster Gift Set. This 4-piece set includes a flashlight, tire gauge and Colonnade Twist silver pen inside a sturdy auto case. The perceived value is very high. Dealerships sell these roadster gift sets for $39.95. Our price is as low as $9.78 each.

Promotional Automotive Accessory

How about giving the customer a choice of a stainless steel cell phone holder (extremely popular gift) or an umbrella. The best part about the cell phone holder and other laser engraved items like a high-end executive pen (package it with a gift set as shown here) is you can personalize them with the customer’s name. People don’t forget who gave them gifts like that.

Promotional Phone Accessory

At the end of the day you want to build relationships with people. People have family and friends, colleagues and employees…a long line of people they can recommend your way. Go above and beyond and you will reap the long-term rewards.

Promo Gift Set

Talk to a promotional products specialist about starting your own gift-with-purchase program today by calling (866) 751-PROMO.

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