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Never Seen Before Promo Can Amplify Your Sales

March 26th, 2012

It’s no secret sales managers across every known industry struggle to find new and exciting ways to motivate their sales associates. Over time, it’s natural for reps to lose interest in the product or service they are selling. Many factors can contribute to performance fatigue, so it is the sales manager’s job to keep an eye out for unique ways to motivate his staff – even when times are good!

See, when the sales are rolling in some reps can become complacent. And we all know complacency is the competition’s best friend. So how does a sales manager ‘amplify’ his sales team and keep them on track to meet or beat their quotas?


Promotional tech toyLook no further than this new yet already proven tech toy, the Vibe Vibration Speaker. It’s safe to say a high percentage (if not all) of your staff is equipped with a smart phone. That’s why this promotional attention-getter is a no-brainer. How does it work?


The Vibe Vibration Speaker plugs into any audio device and turns everyday objects into your own personal boom box speaker. The self-stick speaker (it’s only 3.5” w x 1-1/4” H) affixes to any object (best used on hollow objects like a box or water bottle, for example). Turn it on and listen to your favorite jams loud and clear.


The Vibe Vibration Speaker is truly one of those promos that will capture the attention of the entire room – and help to motivate your sales associates to start dialing for dollars. We have a couple in the office and enjoy sticking the speaker on various objects around the room.

Interactive and unique, this memorable promotional item will get everyone hyped up after a meeting. Your reps can even bring it on sales calls and give them out to valued customers. This speaker will act as a walking billboard and everyone who comes in contact with it will ask, ‘Where’d ya get it?’

Priced as low as $19.99 each (and with min quantities starting at 10 units), it’s a small investment for each rep that pays for itself in a matter of hours.

Call (866) 751-PROMO and request a sample to see for yourself how this new and exciting promo can go to work for you.




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