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Little Known Marketing Strategy Keeps Customers Loyal

March 13th, 2012

When germinating eco-friendly promo ideas for your next marketing campaign it’s always a good idea to start with items designed to engage the end recipient. Your dollar not only goes a lot further and works harder for you, but your customers and employees will enjoy the gift much more. Which means, they will remember who sent it.

Did you know when someone receives a business-related gift unexpectedly, dopamine is released inside the brain, and a feeling of pleasure is produced. By creating a personalized or customized gift, the effect is automatically heightened – and so is your relationship. You are displaying to that person you are “invested” in the business relationship.

Read that paragraph again because the answer to the blog headline is contained herein.

Think about how you felt when an unexpected and well-received gift came your way. Did you feel as though you wanted to return the favor? Chances are you did.

So how does this relate to the business world? Well, let’s say you decided to send your customers a thank you gift, perhaps a branded bamboo blossom kit (see below) with your logo and the tag line: “Thank you for your business.” This simple gesture will create a heightened sense of good will and most likely will result in more business. How so you ask?

By sending an eco-friendly promotional product to your customers you are doing a few things:

  1. Expressing your gratitude goes a long way these days
  2. As we already mentioned, the reciprocity rule is now in effect
  3. It gives you another touch point to call the customer, ask how their plant is doing, thank them for their business and then create a call to action
  4. Your customers will think of you every time they see the plant, which is everyday…whether they keep it at work or bring it home
  5. So if you are not out of sight, then you can’t be out of mind…right?

With Earth Day on the horizon, it makes sense to send your customers a responsible promotional item. It doesn’t have to be expensive, either. You are not trying to reach deep into your wallet. The point is to find a promo that will get a response or stay on the desk or is useful. Consider these three eco-friendly business gifts you can easily personalize:

Bamboo Blossom Kit

Eco-friendly bamboo blossom kit

100% Biodegradable Bamboo.
The Bamboo Blossom Kit decomposition is a slow process in which the pot begins to age and small cracks become visible. Once the pot begins decomposing, transfers your plant with the pot into the ground. This will prevent transplant shock. If Kept indoors the bamboo pots will begin to decompose after 3 years; it outdoors they will begin decomposing after 2 years. If tossed into the trash they will completely biodegrade within 6 months.

Seed options: Coleus, Marigold, Sunflower, Basil, Money Plant, Forget-Me-Not, Parsley, Tomato, Red White & Blue Mix, or Poppy

Includes: Seeds (Specify on Order), Peat Pellets, Bamboo Pot,  4CP Packaging (Specify Design on Order), and Instructions.

Min order QTY is 100 pcs. As low as $2.99 ea.

Potted Pen

Pen in a Pot

These new designs for 2012 are sure to spark conversations around the office. And the more people see your logo, the more people know who you are. These are soo cute!

Options: Daisy Pen
; Sunflower Pen
; Photo Flower Pen;
Palm Tree Pen.

Available in a recycled green or white cup. Imprint available on cup or pen.

Min order QTY is 150 pcs. As low as $2.37 ea.

CyberPlant in Half Flower Pot


Potted cyber plant

Easy to care for – even for black thumbs. Which makes these live promo plants universal. These full-sized plants come in a unique half flower pot ideal for computer monitors, cubicle walls, etc. Spruce up your employees or client’s office environment.

What’s awesome? It’s easy to care for: Special soil means no dirt, no mess.
Requires only one tablespoon of water every 2-3 months.

Choose from four live cyber plants: bamboo, mini palm, janet craig or dracaena.

Overall size: 2-7/8” W x 3-7/8” H x 1.5” Dia. Min order QTY is 125 pcs. Priced as low as $5.99 ea.


For more eco-friendly promo ideas contact a specialist at

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