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Jazz up Your Marketing with Wacky Pens

December 1st, 2011

Not all promotional products are meant to be serious. Sometimes you need to kick back and let your wild side loose. Before I unveil three Goofy pens that will get your message across in a very unique way let’s talk about the method behind the madness.

Why would someone hand out these wacky pens in the first place? And who typically buys them anyway?

For starters, people are bombarded by advertising messages constantly throughout the day. So if you want your message to get through you’re gonna have to take a different approach at times. It’s only the tip of the iceberg, but here are some practical uses:

  • A Human Resource department is looking to make new employees welcome
  • Great for schools, camps and aftercare facilities to promote with
  • It makes a fun hand out at fairs and events
  • Might just be the perfect promo to get the gatekeeper on your side
  • Pulls in prospects to your trade show booth. Great conversation piece. (People will see and pens and ask ‘Where did you get that pen?’)
  • Doctors and nurses love handing these out to their patients
  • Another touch point during the sales cycle
  • Works well for almost every industry: from large health insurance companies to small business owners
  • The Thank You talking pen speaks for itself.

It doesn’t get any wackier than these best selling Goofy pens. Comes in assorted colors, and priced as low as $1.55 each. Size: 7” x 2”.

Pen with feather hair

Do you have an international customer base? Are you looking to spread an eco-friendly message? Well, the Goofy Globe pen with feather hair will make your message stand out. Priced as low as $1.65 each. Size: 7” x 2”.

Globe promo pen

This goofy talking pen bears feather hair and contains a sound chip inside that says, ‘WOO HOO! Do I feel GREAT. It’s going to be a stress free day today! HEE.’

Priced as low as $2.37 each. Size: 7” x 2”.

Wacky Pen

When you absolutely need to tell someone Thank You. This talking pen with feather hari, fun face and bobble head says, “Thanks a lot. Thank you very, very much. Thank you so much. Priced as low as $2.37 each. Size: 7” x 2”.

talking pen

For more Farfromboring ideas like these Goofy pens contact a promotional products specialist today. Call (866) 751-PROMO.

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