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I’ve Got The POW-ER!

April 27th, 2011

There you are, reading a book at your local java joint.  But you’re not really reading because you’re too busy checking out the girl who’s sitting two tables away. She’s reading a book on Buddhism, has a little New York Yankees tattoo on her ankle and looks like Mary Ann from Gilligan’s Island.

Wait, is she looking back at you?  Did she actually smile?  Get a grip man, your heart is palpitating!

So you gather the guts to walk over and say hi.  She invites you to take a seat and the two of you are gazing at one another like long lost lovers.  You grab your phone to add her number to your contacts and as luck would have it, your phone dies in the process.  But as luck would also have it, I’m in your other pocket.

Allow myself to introduce myself.  I’m a Portable Solar Charger.  I’m compatible with the iPhone, Blackberry and a host of USB-powered digital products.  I’ll hold a charge for up to 50 hours via a 50 to 80 minute sunlight bath.  I come in black and can be imprinted with a full color logo.

She admires your preparedness and gives you a little kiss on the cheek.

In hindsight, I guess you could have just grabbed a pen to write down her phone number, but she really got a charge out of this scenario…and so did your iPhone.  Want to be hero?  Call 866-751-7766.

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