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Introducing the New Sharpie Gel Highlighter

October 8th, 2011

Introducing the latest addition to Sharpie’s line of promotional products: the new Sharpie Gel Highlighter. We sell thousands and thousands of highlighters each year. Some come in weird and funky shapes, while others are attached to the opposite end of a pen. But never before has a highlighter been able to keep from bleeding through paper…until now.

New Highlighter Imagine the look on your customer’s faces if you came to a meeting with one of these babies. Before you parted ways you handed your client – or prospect – your secret weapon, an instrument that is about to start a conversation you can build upon next time you call.

You tell your client to try it out in front of you and he obliges by highlighting a sentence on the sheet he was taking notes on. No smear. Didn’t bleed. It rolls on like chap stic on dry lips. Amazement ensues and a smile follows with, “I never knew this existed. But how soon will it dry out?” You simply tell your client not to worry; this highlighter will never dry out, and it writes as long as a traditional pen-style highlighter.

This Sharpie Gel Highlighter is about to make you the hero around your client’s office, and before you know it the entire staff has one at their desk. Pink ones, yellow ones, orange ones, blue ones, green ones…every one from the accountant to the sales reps are loving how this gel highlighter does not smear pen or marker inks.

From this day forward, your phone calls will be put through…which means you have a better chance of closing more deals because the gatekeepers know who you are.

This is the kind of power you expect from promotional products. Ideas like these all you to make an impression. Be the first one to hand out these Sharpie Gel Highlighters. Call 866-751-PROMO (7766) or click the link.

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