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How to Multiply Your Sales Force on a Shoestring Budget

October 30th, 2011

When you meet a potential customer do you jump right into your pitch or do you try and sell yourself first?

If you are unsure think about the last time you were walking down the aisles of a trade show. The reps on the floor didn’t think twice did they? They rattled off their products features and benefits before they even took the time to act personal. Unless you have been living under a rock your entire life, I don’t have to tell you people do not like to be sold to by robots. People only buy from those they trust…those they are comfortable with…those who have their best interests in mind.

Now that I drove my point home, allow me to state another obvious yet often overlooked point. After you have “sold” yourself, do you know what the next step in the sales cycle is? You have to understand what motivates people. You need to know how to make them pull out their credit card and buy what you are selling. But how do you motivate a complete stranger? Even if they need what you are selling it’s not a forgone conclusion they will buy from you.

Maslow's Needs

Here are 4 questions you need to ask yourself in order to increase your sales:

  1. How would the product or service I am selling help my customers in their daily lives?
  2. Do my potential customers have any fears that may be preventing them from moving forward?
  3. What is most important to my customers? Is it saving time? Money? Spending more time with family? Being able to retire? Lead a happier and healthier life? Have less stress? Be more focused? Grow their business to new heights?
  4. If my product or service can help my customers fulfill one or more of their wishes how will it actually accomplish that?

Right your answers down on a sheet of paper. It will help you absorb the information better. Ok…so now that you know what motivates people how will they think of you over the competition? Well, chances are you’re gonna need some help. You could hire sales reps to touch base with them throughout the year. No, that won’t work. You can hardly meet payroll as it is, so putting more people on staff is out of the question.

Multiply yourself instantly

What you really need is a silent salesman. You need to pull out a Joker, that secret weapon that only works for you…only spreads your message…only says what you want it to say. You need a promotional item that will play a role in your customer’s lives, a useful item that will assist them at home or at work; be kept in a prominent place; used often; and graciously accepted.

Every time your customer decides to drink coffee or tea she will see your name. Every time she needs to write a note she will see your name. Every time she brings lunch to work she will see your name. Every time she walks past the fridge she will see your name. Now you tell me who she will think of first the next time she needs whatever you are selling?

Now, multiply this person by 100 or even 1,000 and you begin to understand how you can effectively multiply your sales force without hiring a single person. Throwing your hard-earned money at a magazine ad that will get passed over doesn’t make sense; spending money on a useful promotional item gives you a return on investment you can measure.Sales

This isn’t rocket science. Nor am I making this stuff up. Research backs everything I say in this post. Research has also proven that unless you have a global name like Coca-Cola, you should not put your logo on a promotional product without one or more of the following:

  • Contact information
  • A touchstone
  • Unique sales proposition
  • Guarantee
  • Offer

If what I’m saying makes sense to you I encourage you to allow Farfromboring.com the opportunity to show you promotional items that will work for your next campaign.

Call (866) 751-PROMO now to speak to a living, breathing promotional products expert.

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