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How to Get More Foot Traffic Into Your Store – Guaranteed

December 25th, 2011

Most small business owners do not have degrees in marketing. Every one who owns a brick and mortar understands how hard it can be to come up with ideas that generate foot traffic.

People won’t go out of their way to patronize you, especially if they don’t know you exist. Most people don’t operate an ice cream parlor next to a movie theatre or a Chipotle situated next to a college. Therefore it is necessary you test different marketing campaigns until you find what works for you.

Here’s an idea that would work for a clothing boutique (I chose this as my example because I see many small business owners operating this type of business around town)…

Promote a Specific Date and Run a Promotion 

The first 100 people to come in on (date) will receive Free Movie Tickets. No purchase necessary.

Run an ad in the paper; place an ad in the coupon saver packages that arrive in the mail; prepare in-store signage – everything should promote the free movie tickets coupled with another special/hot seller.

Of course, you don’t want all 100 people to arrive, collect their movie tickets and leave right away. In order to collect the tickets, each person must fill out a form that contains their contact info and check a box next to what items they would be interested in receiving coupons for/information about.

The last question (mandatory) would ask: Please provide a friend or family member’s name and number/or email who you think would be interested in learning about our in-store specials and events?

This is like getting a referral. You can call on this person and say, ‘So and so recommended I contact you because they thought you would be interested in learning about our XYZ.’ From there you can attempt to get them to come into the store or send them an email with coupons. Not everyone will take you up on your offer, but just by saying why you are calling (your friend suggested I call) at least gives you undivided attention for your pitch.

It’s All About the Atmosphere

Make sure you have a fun atmosphere the day of your promotion.

If you know mothers, teenagers and children will be present you can hire a face painting clown for the day for the kids and for the teens and moms you can bring in a lady who specializes in eyebrow threading (she should work for free for a couple of hours in exchange to promote her service and hand out business cards). I guarantee people will wait to have their eyebrows threaded. While they are waiting guess what they are doing – shopping.

You’ll spend a couple of extra bucks for the face painter, food and refreshments but in the end people will tell their family and friends about it.

Most above all, don’t forget to brand yourself with a useful giveaway. You want people to remember this day long after it has passed, and you can accomplish this by giving away a promotional item with your slogan or touchstone or an offer on it. Not giving something out with your name and number on it is like throwing money out the window.

It’s very important to make sure you pair the item according to gender preferences. Women prefer chap stick, a manicure kit or a micro fiber cosmetic bag; they don’t care about a keychain bottle opener or a Koozie.

Promotional Cosmetic Bag

Maximize your return on investment by contacting a promotional products specialist today at (866) 751-PROMO. We’ll come up with the ideas so you don’t have to.

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