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How to Generate Referrals with Promotional Products

October 29th, 2011

Did you know most sales people don’t ask for referrals?

Considering referrals convert at higher rates than any other lead generation tactic known to man, it’s truly mind-boggling to think most people don’t work their book for referrals.

Do sales professionals simply forget to ask their clients? Or does it go deeper than that?

Maybe some sales reps don’t ask for referrals because they don’t feel it is within their boundaries to do so. These people consider it bothersome, and the last thing they want to do is bother a valued client.

Whatever the reasons are, this post is designed to get those who don’t currently ask for referrals to start leaning in a whole different direction. There are many different ways you can go about acquiring referrals from your clients. In fact, there are too many to list. For all intensive purposes, I’d like to focus on the role promotional products play in process.

Your first task is to design a strategy. Done tactfully, referrals will come your way…and you’ll make more sales. Let’s say you’ve just finished a multi-thousand dollar deal and you want to extend your thanks to the client. Before you send a thank you gift it’s wise to do some research. Find out what this person’s interests are and marry the promotional gift accordingly. Let’s say you asked your client’s secretary what kind of food he likes and she tells you chocolate…specifically, chocolate covered nuts. Well, now you know what to send.

Food gifts

A day or two later after your client has received your gift, give them a call. It’s another reason to touch base. But you aren’t calling just to see how well the chocolate nuts went over; you really want to secure a dinner date or a tee time. The best way to get more than one referral is to meet up with your client in a relaxed atmosphere. Did you know research suggests people are more receptive to requests while eating?

What if your client lives out of state? If meeting up in person isn’t a possibility, then you’ll want to send a letter on quality stock. Thank this person for their loyalty. Tell them you hope they enjoyed your gift, and then state your call to action: ask for three referrals. Include a form they can fill out. Don’t make them think. They will be happy to oblige because you’ve enacted the reciprocity rule. Has someone ever done something nice for you and you felt naturally obligated to return the favor? You get my point.

You need to know these things if you plan on getting referrals to build your book. Equally important, you need to know the kinds of referrals that will benefit you. Be specific. If you work in the construction industry you’ll want construction-related referrals, not medical.

Debossed JournalSo stop thinking about whether or not you should ask for referrals and start the process with a good old promotional item to break the ice.

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