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How To Attract More Sales with a USB

June 29th, 2011

Do you have product sitting on the shelf you need to move? Or perhaps you want to promote a special item and need more than a compelling call to action?

If this sounds familiar I’d like to share with you a simple way to combine a swivel promotional USB with an incentive program. Actually, I’ll use one of my customers as an example.

This particular client sells technology products, software and info products online. His customers have come to expect great quality and competitive pricing. Even so, not all products are created equal. Some do better than others.

This is where a promotional USB can rescue fatiguing sales. Let’s look at it from his perspective, shall we?

The software he was attempting to sell was priced at $97.00. He was asking fair market value. For some reason, sales weren’t on par with projections. Being the smart marketer he is, my client decided to throw in a little incentive in the form of a swivel promotional USB.

He knew two things from his market research:

  1. His target demographic loves USBs (they’re techies…what’d you expect)
  2. People love to receive items with their name on it

As you might have guessed, he trusted Far from Boring to execute his idea. We had it shipped out in no time. Of course, the customer received preloaded data on it, such as:

  • Thank-you Letter (digitally signed)
  • Specials of the Month
  • Offers and Discounted Items
  • Links to tech-related Blogs
  • Full Catalogue

So why did this incentive work?

Quite simply, ‘FREE’ is the most popular word around…if it is executed the right way…toward the right person…without some kind of catch or hidden motive. Sometimes it’s not easy to come up with a brilliant incentive program. Collaboration is what sparks innovative thoughts.

Why not call on our 75 years of combined promotional product experience and put it to work for you? We’ve got the ideas…all you have to do is pick up the phone and call 866-751-7766.

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