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How Promos Help You Sell More of Anything

October 31st, 2011

This may sound counterintuitive but sometimes it pays to get rejected during a sales pitch. Let me explain. Play along with this hypothetical scenario:

Your 8-year-old son is the short stop on a little league team that qualified for a regional tournament. In order to make the trip the coach has asked all players to fund-raise on the weekends in front of a sporting goods store. You decided to sell coupon packs, discounts to local restaurants, the movies, salons, theme parks…it’s all in there.

A couple hours go by and you only sell two booklets. Your son is getting tired; you feel like you’re letting him down. So how could you generate more cash flow with these $20 coupon booklets? Use them as bait – that’s how.

Your new plan is to offer the coupon booklet with the intent on getting rejected ($20 is not something most people are willing to shell out spontaneously). Instead of letting the prospect walk your son comes at him with a second request: “I understand the coupon book is a little pricey, so how about buying this Snickers Bar for $1.00? My team qualified for a big tournament and we need to raise money so we can get there.”

Because of the rejection-then-retreat technique this father-son duo now has a legitimate chance to raise $50 in a couple hours. And what’s the worst that could happen? You sell the larger priced item instead.

How Promotional Products Fit In

Have you ever let a water salesman into your home only to find out you’re a few hundred dollars poorer an hour later?

Yeah…you know, the guy who takes out all his fancy equipment and dyes and shows you how disgusting your tap water is. After the show is over, your wife starts itching her skin and making faces at you. “We bathe and drink that water Stan,” your wife says. “We need that purifier system this man is selling.”

Well, it looks like Stan just bought himself a new purification system. But what about those who don’t buy? Does the salesman just get up and walk out without leaving anything behind? He’d be a fool if he did.

Water purification salesmen, alarm salesmen, insurance salesmen – anyone who enters your home trying to sell you a product or service is bound to leave something besides their business card behind if they don’t make the initial sale.


Promotional magnetThe water guy might hand you a business card calendar magnet for the fridge (he knows most people will put it on their fridge…then see it multiple times per day). The alarm guy might leave behind a branded flashlight key chain. And the insurance salesman may give you a nice metal pen with his name and number laser engraved on it.

The point is useful promotional items will remind you of this person. They don’t have to worry about you misplacing their business card. They know you know how to get them on the phone. And whenever they call on you chances are you’ll listen to them without being rude because you remember their little gift. Promotional key chain

And that’s how promotional items help you sell more of anything. Don’t spend hours searching the Internet for that perfect promotional product. To get a personalized virtual catalog in your inbox pick up the phone and call (866) 751-PROMO now.

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