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Guinness Book of World Records: #1 Salesman Shares his Secrets

November 27th, 2011

If you search for the World’s #1 retail salesman in the Guinness Book of World Records the name Joe Girard will appear.

Mr. Girard’s personal achievements selling retail vehicles in Michigan are noteworthy:

  • Sold more retail “big ticket” items one-at-a-time than any other salesperson in any retail industry including houses, motor homes, boats, autos, insurance, etc.
  • Most new retail sales in one year (1,425).
  • Fifteen career sales record (13,001)
  • Inducted into The Automotive Hall of Fame

Mr. Girard obviously knows how to sell new automobiles. He also knows how to sell himself, and he shares this experience in his books. Titles like “How to Sell Anything to Anybody” and “How to Close Every Sale” are must-haves in any salesman’s library.

If one were to thumb through his various titles a redundant theme would surface. Mr. Girard makes it a point to mention his secret sauce had more to do with being human than being a salesman.

In short, he employed a simple strategy for building referrals: Mr. Girard would send out greeting cards at different points throughout the year. He made sure his customers received cards on holidays and other important occasions (like Birthdays). His message was basically this: I’m thinking of you. Thank you for being a friend of mine.

Anyone who has ever walked onto a dealership lot can attest to being put off by pushy car salesmen. Mr. Girard never took an aggressive approach; he treated people the way he himself would want to be treated. And this stimulated repeat business and word-of-mouth referrals.

So what can you learn from Mr. Girard? How can you duplicate his success?

Calendar Card

For starters, you can send out greeting cards during the holidays – and continue sending cards out throughout the year. Calendar cards present advertisers with an excellent opportunity to stay in front of their customers in a natural way. This dual-purpose promotional calendar is ideal for those looking for value. The perforated greeting tears away from the span-a-year calendar with advertising message. The greeting, your advertising message and calendar is visible all year long.

Z fold greeting card

Z-fold 2012 calendar greeting cards are another option in this category. Choose from different template options such as: Thank You, Pets, Wildlife, Four Seasons, Motivations or create your own custom message. Pricing as low as $0.93 each. Comes with envelopes.

Take a page out of Mr. Girard’s book, and start building meaningful relationships with your customers in 2012. Call (866) 751-7766 or click here for other greeting card ideas.

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