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Grow Your Business with a Plant-a-Tree Program

December 26th, 2011

Have you ever wondered how planting trees can help your business grow? Probably not. And trust me I understand the correlation is not obvious. Stay with me for a moment and I’ll attempt to peel away the shroud of skepticism rolling around in your mind.

Everybody can agree the world needs more trees, especially if you take into consideration the aerial photographs shot from space. Deforestation is unfortunately becoming a major concern around the globe as demand for lumber and paper increases.


If one could assert our atmosphere would be greatly compromised if it weren’t for trees, it could also be argued that without trees economies around the world would crumble. Humans need oxygen to breathe just like economies of scale depend on humans to trade.

So what does all this ecological mumbo jumbo have to do with growing one’s business? Glad you asked. I’ll begin with an obvious example:

Let’s say you have thousands upon thousands of customers you bill every month, and you were looking for ways to cut back associated costs (mailing, postage, printing, paper, time, etc.). Some companies offer incentives in order to convert customers to e-billing. The call to action would be placed on paper bill statements and online. It might read something like this:

Switch to e-billing and reduce your carbon footprint. When you sign-up we’ll plant a tree on your behalf in a deforested nation. Do your part to help the planet stay green. Sign-up for e-billing today.

That’s just one example of how the program would work. The ultimate goal is to create a win-win proposition: The company saves money and time, and positions itself as an eco-friendly business actively doing its part. The flip side is the customer saves time and money (no need to write a check and waste a stamp), and feels as though he/she is making a difference.

Farfromboring.com Plaque Presentation

The best part about eco-friendly programs like Seed Our Future is they are easy to implement, and you can build an entire social media campaign around them. Imagine the buzz associated with this kind of movement. This program can be introduced to any kind of business, large or small, operating in any industry (from technology and energy to finance to automotive to hospitality).

Seed Our Future

The codes can be placed on receipts at a green market/grocery store; the Plant-a-Tree cards can be offered to customers who buy organic goods; rewards those who test drive a hybrid or electric vehicle; encourages people to reduce energy consumption in hotel rooms via signage and artwork appearing on room key…truly you are only limited by your imagination with this Plant-a-Tree program.

Here are some different programs companies have implemented in the past:

  • Gift with purchase
  • Loyalty program
  • Incentive program
  • Thank you gift (ex: brick and mortar or online)
  • Sales point of contact
  • Marketing tool to capture data (ex: rewarded for filling out a survey)
  • Digital media cards
  • Variable data (ex: codes on everything from receipts to bill statements and packaging)
  • Ground breaking ceremonies
  • Promotional giveaways (ex: events to tradeshows)

Groundbreaking Ceremony

If you would like to learn more about our Seed Our Future program we encourage you to visit: www.seedourfuture.org or contact us direct at (866) 751-PROMO. We’d be happy to send you a Plant-a-Tree card on us.

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