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Get in the Game with Sports Promotions

March 20th, 2012

When it comes to sports promotions there is a world of choices available for teams and programs at any level. Whether you are looking for unique promotional ideas for your club or you would like to get involved by fund-raising with sports promotional items, Farfromboring Promotions make the process easy – and fun!

How Sports Promotions Can Add Excitement to the Game

Foam cheering handJust think: Your fans would love to get their hands on sports promos that are used to root against the other team, no matter if it is a home game or away game. When going this route, remember to stay in good taste. The general idea is to get promotional sports items you can hand out year after year. Since your sports program typically plays the same teams annually, all you have to do is put the rival’s logo or name on some promos and add words like: “Beat the Lions” or “Crush the Lions”.


Another idea is to showcase your logo only and a tagline like “This is Our House”. Throw around some ideas and come up with something really catchy that will last for many years. Then print a large quantity and distribute them accordingly.


Here are some other proven ways you can use sports promotional items:


  • Fund-raising (advertisers can buy space to showcase their logo or business card print ad)
Sports cushion
  • Thank you items for booster club members and donors
  • School stores (online or in-school)
  • Sell them at the Concession stand
  • Foster team spirit
  • Drive ticket sales with promotional game nights (just like the pro teams do)
  • Giveaways during halftime or timeouts (great for getting fans in the stands involved)
  • General branding purposes

Sports towel

While we offer hundreds of sports promotional products, the following list (and accompanying photos) will give you an idea of our capabilities:

sports car flag

  • Auto Accessories (car flags to hitch covers)
  • Badges, Buttons and Key Tags
  • Cheer Accessories (from cheer phones to decals)
  • Cups and Containers (from can coolers to stadium cups)
  • Foam Novelties (#1 foam hands to foam noodles and more)
  • Stadium Favorites (mini megaphones to stadium seat cushions)
  • Spirit Wavers (spirit towels to fan flags)
  • Signs and Banners
  • Promotional Poms (from cheerstar poms to coupon poms)
  • Miscellaneous (discount cards to chair back covers and refrigerator magnets)


Team up with the sports promotions specialists by calling Farfromboring Promotions today at (866) 751-PROMO.

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