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Farfromboring Knows American-Made Promos

April 20th, 2012

Made in the USABy choosing to purchase promotional products made in the USA you are not only helping to support the economy but you are doing your part to help reduce the national deficit. Most of the stuff Americans buy is manufactured in overseas factories, where working conditions are substandard and employees are paid meager wages.

Private companies have outsourced labor to increase profit margins, and in the process many Americans have lost their jobs. But the tide is beginning to shift, and more and more rally cries are being heard from Maine to Alaska. Companies are beginning to realize what many have said all along: money can be made even if the goods are manufactured and assembled in America.

Offices and factories across the country that were once vacant are now being occupied. While the unemployment rate is still high in America and unemployment claims continue to make the news, little by little progress is being made. People are finding jobs and getting back to work. Businesses are investing in employees who manufacture American made products.

Padfolio made in AmericaIn the ad specialty industry, we are also seeing a seismic shift. An increase in demand for American union made branded giveaways proves companies are beginning to care more about the message behind their promotions. Distributors like Farfromboring Promotions are committed to sourcing a wide range of quality American made promotional items.


“The pride is back,” Farfromboring CEO and Founder Robert Stillman said in a recent conference call. “We want to show you how sourcing locally can be easy and inexpensive at the same time.”



Coleman coolersThose who make a commitment to purchase goods manufactured in America by Americans are making a bold statement: we want our economy back. Farfromboring Promotions understands the need for companies large and small to show their patriotic side by choosing union made promotional items for their branding campaign.

Our ability to source and deliver American made promotional products is second to none. From Bic ballpoint pens to Igloo and Coleman coolers and post-its to stadium cups, calendars and key chains, Farfromboring Promotions has a long list of USA made branded giveaways.

By branding your company with promotional products made by Americans for Americans sends a strong message to your clients and employees.  Browse our large selection of American and Union made promotional products today.

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