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Eco-Friendly Promotional USB Drives Save More Than Memory

February 1st, 2013

For modern businesses, USB drives are a very affordable yet valuable resource. With many of them being as small as a thumbnail, they provide a very convenient way to share files with colleagues and administrators.

USB drives (also referred to as memory sticks) are especially valuable when sharing significant numbers of files, or files that are too big to quickly transfer with web-based services like Skydrive or Dropbox.

Many employees also find them a convenient way to transfer documents that they have prepared at home to their computer at work.

Promotional USB Drives

Of course, even though such memory sticks are a low-cost way to transfer files, companies still want to get the most for their money when buying them. That is why promotional USB drives have become so popular with many successful companies.

When they are branded with the purchasing company’s artwork, logo, or slogan, they serve as valued gifts and incentives for employees. They are also sought-after giveaways to the public at conventions, conferences, and other promotional events.

These branded memory sticks act as a constant reminder of the purchasing company and what it stands for, while being a prized tool for daily file transfers. They are the rarest and best kind of promotional item: one people want to keep and use every day.

Eco-friendly USB Drives      

In addition to facilitating day to day business and promotion of the company, environmentally friendly USB drives also affirm the company’s commitment to taking care of the environment and using resources in a sustainable way for the sake of future generations.

These can be made from:

  • Recycled plastic
  • Bamboo
  • Other types of sustainable wood

Ultimately, a company can get the best of all worlds – affordability, practical use, and caring for the environment – by getting promotional editions of eco-friendly USB drives for their employees and for their customers.

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