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Customized flash drives have come a long way baby!

February 12th, 2013

Promotional materials have come a long way over the years.   While business cards, key chains and pens are still being handed out at corporate events and school functions, many companies have stepped into the 21st Century and begun to promote themselves with personalized USB flash drives. These endlessly useful storage devices are small and inexpensive enough to be produced in bulk, yet they can go a long way in inspiring brand loyalty while attracting new clients. Let’s take a look at why USB flash drives are changing the way in which companies are promoted in the computer age.

Personalized USB flash drives have been available for personal use and for promotional purposes since 2000. The earliest flash drives from this time were capable of storing roughly 8 MB of NAND flash memory. That sounds almost laughably small by today’s standards, but it was still far superior to the standard floppy disks of the time, which had storage sizes of around 1.5 MB. They were quite a bit more expensive than floppy discs, but as technology has progressed they became cheaper to produce and easier to afford even as they have become larger and more reliable.

USB drives grew in popularity throughout the 2000s. Eventually, they replaced floppy disk drives altogether and have almost completely replaced compact discs. DVDs are still widely used as storage devices, but even they lack the portability and convenience of a large flash drive. Although the average flash drive can now hold around 8 GB of memory, the largest drives can hold up to 256 GB. However, most people probably won’t need more than 8 GBs of NAND flash memory. This is more than enough room to store all of one’s documents, programs, pictures, audio files and videos. Thanks to the Windows Boot feature, users are able to store an entire operating system on the average flash drive. Overall, an 8 GB flashdrive is capable of storing over 5,000 images, 4,000 mp3 files, and eight full-length films in addition to thousands of Word, Excel, PowerPoint and PDF files.  This is more than ideal for the average office worker or student.

USB flash drives that are used for promotional purposes are available in a wide variety of colors, shapes, sizes and designs. Depending on the organization being promoted, these flash drives may come in shapes such as cars, dogs, cats, sandals, planes or anything else that the promoter can imagine. No matter what they look like, flash drives offer a convenient and cost-effective method of storing and transferring data from one computer to another.

Personalized flash drives are an excellent and unique way for a small business or large corporation to promote itself. Not only will these handy storage devices build better brand and logo recognition, they can help create customer loyalty when said customers are given promotional items that they can use over and over again. Flash drives are small and inexpensive enough to be produced in bulk, and they can be passed out at events such as vendor fairs, corporate events, trade shows and school functions. Some companies might choose just to have them on hand to pass out in lieu of business cards.

Because the actual flash drives are so simple and easily customizable, companies can have them molded into any shape they wish. For example, golf resorts can have them molded into the shape of golf clubs or golf balls, while a beachfront resort might opt for drives in the shape of sunglasses. The possibilities are endless, and they can go a long way in helping even a small start-up business stand out in a crowd.

One of the greatest things about using USB flash drives as promotional materials is that they are so useful. Potential clients and business partners can reuse flash drives and share them with their friends, which only serves to build and spread brand recognition far more than a business card can. Every time someone uses a promotional flash drive to store or transfer data, they will be reminded of the company that give it to them. Granted, other kinds of promotional material such as business cards, key chains, pamphlets and pens can be used to spread the word about a company, but flash drives are capable of being used over and over again for years. USB flash drives may be relatively inexpensive to produce, but they are also so useful that they will be seen as something of value. They can be reused countless times, and each time they are used is one more time a company is promoted. This is not something clients and potential clients will soon forget.

Inexpensive USB Flashdrives are available from Farfromboring.com These drives can be fully customized, so you can incorporate your company’s logo, brand or service in any way you like. These custom flash drives can also be preloaded with company catalogues, advertisements and web links, effectively turning them into entire promotional kits without printing out thousands of brochures or business cards.

For more information on how personalized USB flash drives can help your business and to see the services we have to offer, visit us at /promotional-items/usb

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