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Custom Umbrellas: Make it Rain on the Competition

January 24th, 2012

Did you know the umbrella was once considered nothing more than a fashion accessory for women to carry around? That was back in the 16th century, right around the time the umbrella started to become more prominent in the Western world, especially in the United Kingdom.

Fast forward to 1830, when the first known umbrella shop opened its doors in London. If a gentleman were to stumble into James Smith and Sons back in the day he would have likely picked up an umbrella made from whalebone and covered with alpaca skin – quite a cry from thousands of years before, when the Chinese would wax their paper parasols to repel the rain.

Surprisingly enough, that famous London outfit is still making umbrellas today (yes, the rainy weather in England has played a role) and the design and materials have relatively remained the same over the years (except most of the covers are made from nylon now).

When the first umbrella used for promotional purposes came to be I do not know, yet I can tell you with no reservations whatsoever, custom umbrellas are gaining popularity among firms of all sizes.

At Farfromboring Promotions we pride ourselves on being up to date on the latest trends in the promotional products industry. And when it comes to custom umbrellas the only limitation is your imagination.

AMG Mercedes UmbrellaSpeaking of imagination, take a look at this custom umbrella that was done for a program for AMG Mercedes. The underside of the arc features an AMG racing through the countryside, while the handle sports a very unique feature most umbrellas have never seen before: a swivel flashlight.

Perhaps the most striking feature of this custom promotional umbrella is the fact it is virtually indestructible. You can actually bend the arc inside-out, which means this baby will last a lifetime, giving you, the advertiser, an unbeatable return on investment.Custom Umbrella

Custom promotional umbrellas afford you the opportunity to do any color combinations; any arc size; multiple logo locations for you and your sponsors (panels and at the bottom of the handle in a dome process); you can even add a marketing card insert that highlights your program inside the shrink-wrapped handle. Do a vented golf umbrella with a 62” arc or a respectable 43” arc. No matter your preference we can accommodate you.

Promotional umbrellas can be used for all sorts of programs and events:

  • Incentive and loyalty programs
  • Gift-with-Purchase
  • Generate in-store traffic (think automobile dealerships)
  • Outdoor events and concerts
  • Sports events
  • Fund-raising programs
  • Contests and award programs
  • General brand marketing
  • Thank you gift for clients
  • Strengthen your marketing mix
  • Great item to attract sponsorships

Fast turn-around times…Low minimum quantities…Unbeatable prices straight from our overseas factory. What more could you ask for?

Custom umbrellas (we also carry traditional umbrellas as well) are just one of many branded promotional products Farfromboring.com specializes in. Call (866) 751-PROMO to learn more about creating your very own custom promotional umbrella.

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