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Cash in on the Coupon Craze Sweeping the Nation

November 27th, 2011

Most the time we need not look further than popular culture to help us formulate our next promotion.

Take coupon cutting, for example. Reality T.V. shows based on this age-old savings method have attracted a cult following in the past months. To some the show is plain weird; to others the show presents a marketing opportunity.

Put on your imaginary thinking cap for a second and visualize yourself running a retail store in a shopping center. It can be an ice cream shop, a women’s clothing boutique, a dry cleaners or a delicatessen. It really doesn’t matter. The point is you want to give a custom coupon calendar to every one of your customers.

Granted, some people won’t put the calendar up on their wall. But that’s ok. What they really want are those coupons attached to the bottom of each month. With custom coupon calendars get creative. Include tips, recipes, fun facts…anything you find appropriate that will increase the usefulness of your calendar – and ultimately motivate people to hang it up.

Promotional Calendar

Each year Farfromboring creates a coupon calendar for a restaurant chain. It’s filled with recipes right off their menu, colorful images of different dishes and of course perforated coupons. As it turns out, the coupon calendar was the most effective promotion the restaurant chain has done in the past few years, beating out the return on investment from radio campaigns and other advertising channels.

Think about it like this: No one likes to eat out alone. So while the customer thinks he is getting a deal (and he is) the restaurant is the real winner because their check average increases. And if the experience is a good one chances are the guest will come back again and bring somebody else.

If you run a restaurant or any kind of retail operation I highly suggest using a custom coupon calendar to generate repeat business and spawn word of mouth referrals.

Call (866) 751-7766 to speak to a promotional products specialist about getting started on your very own promotional coupon calendar.

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