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Case Study: How Digital Rewards Can Increase Your Sales

October 9th, 2011

Digital Reward Cards are everywhere these days. Everyone from the big chains to the mom and pops are using digital rewards to help them sell more to increase customer loyalty. Did you ever stop and consider why these digital rewards are so effective?

It’s because they have universal appeal.

digital rewards

Did you know it is easier than ever to pair your brand with digital incentives such as music downloads, ring tones, pre-paid phone cards, plant-a-tree cards, movie tickets, magazine subscriptions and photo prints? tree rewards

Through custom branded cards you can leverage user experiences in an entirely new way. And did you know that digital rewards are being applied to almost any type of promotional item? You can even print codes on your item’s packaging, on receipts or on postcards.

Here’s a real world example of digital reward codes at work in a retail setting.

Let’s say you need to make room on the shelf for the season’s new items or just want to get rid of products that have lost their luster. How can you encourage people to take action? One way is by offering a free music download with their purchase. The promotion is somewhere on the label or it can be applied to in-store signage or on the rack itself.

All the user has to do is log on to the web site and enter the reward code. From there they follow on-screen prompts to select or personalize their gift.

movie rewardsMany companies are choosing digital reward cards to assist in their acquisition efforts and bolster their loyalty programs as well. Think about the different ways you can use digital reward cards to build your in-house marketing list or drive people to your web site.

Just like behavioral psychologists understand what drives people to take certain actions, so should you. People are motivated by incentives. Once you incorporate promotional gifts into your marketing campaigns you’ll notice a dramatic spike in consumer interest, no matter which demographic you are attempting to reach.

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