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4 Reasons Why You Need to Take a Second Look at This Promo Item

April 23rd, 2012

If you work as a rehabilitation therapist or school counselor you don’t have to be told twice how rough your occupation can be at times. No matter if you are working with a special needs child or an accident victim, stress levels can push you to exhaustion. While each job requires different skill sets there is a common thread that binds the two: the need for patience.

Take the school counselor who is forced to deal with a misbehaving child. The child enters your room upset and not in the least bit cooperative. Maybe the child didn’t have breakfast or heard an argument between parents or feels out of place. Whatever the case is, time is of the essence. In order to relate you have to get on the same level before the child opens up. Instead of talking first, why not try an alternative method by using an ooze timer. The idea is the ooze timer will take his/her mind off the bad situation. It will allow the child to relax. Once the ooze timer has done its job you will be able to approach and start a meaningful conversation. The end result? The child will comply and will even make the inevitable call home.

Ooze timers do more than calm down unruly children; it can be a handy device for patients as well. Just watching the bubbles float down creates a soothing effect, which has shown to help facilitate – and complement – the rehabilitation process. Hospitals, rehabilitation centers and clinics across the country utilize ooze timers for various reasons yet all practitioners agree on the positive impact it creates for their patients.

Consider these 4 Ooze Timers from Farfromboring Promotions:

5” Ooze Timer

Ooze Timer

Comes in an assortment of blue and red ooze timers. Pass the time or make learning FUNdamental with this classic ooze timer. Priced as low as $5.99 ea.


5” Spiral Bubble Timer

Spiral Bubble Ooze Timer

Great product for therapists and school counselors who need children to decompress and settle down before speaking to them. Our spiral bubble timers are available in assorted colors (white with green bubbles, yellow with blue bubbles and red and red bubbles). Priced as low as $5.99 each.


6” Amber Floating Timer

Amber Floating Ooze Timer

This very popular amber plastic timer stores multi-colored liquid. It not only makes a great desktop promotional item but children find it soothing. The uses for this floating timer are limitless. Priced as low as $5.50 each.


5-3/4” Pachinko Timer

Ooze Pachinko Timer

A water timer with colorful oils that fall through a maze for roughly two minutes. Comes in assorted colors. Priced as low as $5.99 each.


Consider an ooze timer for Nurses Day or Teacher Appreciation Week too. To place an order or request a sample, please call us at (866) 751-PROMO today.

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