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Promotional Shopping Bags and Grocery Bags Paper or Plastic?

Paper or plastic? is usually the question posed to you at the supermarket by the person bagging your purchases. So you have to quickly think about what types of bags you need at homepaper for recyclables or plastic for stashing in your bag holder. Based on your lifestyle, you answer and the bagger proceeds to carefully pack your groceries. With either bag you choose, somehow the handles end up breaking or holes get punched in them on the way home. During mid-trip from car to kitchen, one of them inevitably breaks, spilling its contents to the floor. Because Murphys Law is alive and well, it is always the bag with the eggs. Has this happened to you?
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Promote, Reduce, Reuse & Recycle

There is an alternative. Consider reusable promotional shopping bags. These bags are made from recycled materials and are much kinder to the environment. Theyll save the hassle of deciding paper or plastic at the checkout line and if packed correctly, rarely break.

Plastic bags are a poor choice for the environment because they can end up in rivers and oceans, affecting marine life. Paper bags, while recyclable, are not always recycled by shoppers.

For these reasons, reusable bags make an excellent promotional product. It shows that your organization truly cares about the environment. This makes employees and customers proud to be affiliated with your brand. From a marketing perspective, reusable bags are also durable, so one bag can continue promoting your brand for weeks, months, or years.

Unlimited Choices

FarFromBoring Promotional Products offers promotional shopping bags and grocery bags for every need, and all of them have carrying handles. Laminated bags are coated with a protective layer to make them extra sturdy. Insulated grocery bags are great for foods requiring refrigeration and will stay cool for the ride home. Hot food can be placed in insulated bags as well, so theres no need to reheat once you arrive home.

Promotional shopping bags and grocery bags range from size small to over-sized, so multiple trips from your car to your door are unnecessary.

FarFromBoring Promotional Products has an array of eco-friendly shopping totes in all colors of the rainbow. Place your logo on these bags and youll gain a reputation as a company that cares. The design team at FarFromBoring Promotional Products can consult with you regarding your brand and place it on the bags which best represent and promote your company.

Endless Choices

Dont limit what you choose to put on a bag, either. Your logo can go on one side, and choose a picture of the sun, earth, or a colorful rainbow for the other. FarFromBoring Promotional Products can put whatever you want on your products. In addition to being stronger than paper or plastic, reusable shopping and grocery bags let your creativity flow.

Do you have questions? Ask our friendly and knowledgeable staff for more information about the promotional shopping bags and grocery bags we offer. Theyre available to chat online so you dont have to leave your computer while placing your order. Uploading your logo when the order is placed is just another easy way to make ordering with us hassle-free.

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