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Promotional Mugs - Promoting Your Brand One Chug at a Time offers a huge variety of promotional mugs in countless designs, colors and materials. Some of our mugs keep beverages at optimal temperatures while others are the perfect addition to a company gift bag. Others include sturdy lids or light up for drinking fun in the dark. Your companys logo or motto can be placed on all of them, ensuring your business name graces the desks of coffee drinkers everywhere. But, with all the design possibilities available today in drinkware, have you ever wondered where drinkware got its start?
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The History of Drinkware

The first evidence of drinkware can be dated back to the Stone Age, approximately 12,000 years ago. Archeologists have uncovered mugs from this time carved from bone. As human civilization grew, drinkware began taking on other forms. After the use of bone, drinkware was primarily made of clay until the 15th century, during which time humans began carving mugs out of wood. Timing was no coincidence, however, since the 15th century was also the period during which the first coffee shop opened its doors. But not everyone was thrilled with the idea of this intoxicating drug known as coffee.

Today, of course, coffee is the most celebrated beverage in the world, and consumers are passionate about their coffee mugs. Is your business taking advantage of this trend with promotional mugs?

Coffee Mugs

The British banned coffee in the 18th century as well as all coffee related paraphernalia. This meant that mugs were suddenly a hot commodity on the black market! Once Britain realized keeping coffee from the masses was a dangerous idea, drinkware returned with a vengeance. Since that time, drinkware has been crafted out of materials including glass, plastic and steel. It is amazing how far drinkware has come from the bone mugs of our ancestors to the high tech promotional mugs offers customers today.

Beer Mugs

Until a few hundred years ago, beer drinkers enjoyed their drinks mostly from pewter mugs. The use of this material was no accident, as pewter mugs hid the impurities that could be found floating around in many beers. As time went on, technological advances allowed beer to become better filtered, and drinkers were looking for a way to enjoy this new found beer clarity. Enter the glass beer mug. The first glass mug went to mass market in the early 20th century.

After World War II, a new dimpled glass design was born meant to look like the hand grenades soldiers had become so familiar with. As time progressed, countless other beer mug designs were developed, with the 1960s and 1970s being the two decades offering the most variety in design. If your company is looking for a promotional beer mug that lets customers walk a little on the wild side, try our fun light up mug. We have a plethora of creative beer mugs your clients will love!

Wine Glasses

Much like coffee and beer mugs, wine glasses also have a long and elaborate history. The first wine drinkers were those living in the ice age. These people enjoyed their wine through the use of simple clay cups probably used to drink a variety of substances. As time went on, civilization entered the Bronze Age, during which wine glasses were crafted out of bronze using pre-cut molds. The Romans began to drink wine from silver goblets but those with a lesser social status drank wine from lead cups, which is unthinkable today! It was not until the 1300s that wine glasses were crafted from glass.

The glass wine glass was born in Italy where glassblowers were contracted by local merchants to design one of a kind pieces. Each piece was considered a unique work of art and was treasured by the buyer who invested a considerable sum in each glass. It was not until 400 years later, in the 18th century, that wine glasses were simply cut from larger pieces of glass. This allowed for smooth edges and clean lines. Wealthy families could purchase matching sets and provide guests with a pleasurable wine drinking experience when entertaining. From the clay cups of the past to the innovative promotional designs of today, wine glasses have come a long way.

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