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Promotional Mobile Phone and Tablet Accessories Publicize Your Brand Around the Clock

Mobile devices are expected to outnumber people this year, and the market shows no signs of slowing. Todays consumers spend more time on their phones and tablets than ever before 162 minutes every day, to be exact. When it comes to mobile devices, consumers view accessories as a necessity, not an option. This is why the mobile phone and tablet accessories market has boomed to become larger than the device market itself!
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Mobile Devices Have Changed the World Why Not Your Brand?

Mobile devices have revolutionized the way we communicate, work, and interact with the world around us. Families and friends are increasingly connected through personal devices, while companies implement Bring Your Own Device policies in the workplace. Mobile phone and tablet accessories are necessary for consumers to keep their devices safe and fully functional. Cases provide protection; styluses ensure productivity, and other accessories simply add a decorative touch. Is your company taking advantage of increased consumer demand for phone and tablet accessories?

Consumers and professionals alike use their mobile devices on a daily basis for personal communication, work, and to simply browse the web. Companies that invest in promotional products for mobile users experience powerful ROI. Mobile and tablet accessories have clear practical use for consumers, allowing companies to effectively and non-obtrusively share a marketing message. As the market demand for mobile accessories grows, so does the opportunity for efficient brand messaging!

Did you know?

Protective cases are the most purchased mobile accessory?

That the mobile accessory market is set to exceed $62 billion by 2017?

Benefits of mobile accessories
Reinforce brand messaging to the mobile user
Reach thousands of eyes wherever the consumer goes
Provide a practical and high-quality accessory that consumers want to receive (color, texture, etc.)

Farfromboring has the widest selection of mobile accessories available for small businesses and major corporations alike. You have the option to create a unique corporate gift that effectively portrays your brands message.

What are your promotional gifts saying about your brand?

Consumers want promotional gifts they can use in a practical way. By investing in promotional mobile and tablet accessories, your brand is effectively providing value for your target audience. Our expert account representatives have years of experience in the marketing and advertising industry. Were excited to help you discover the perfect corporate gift solution for your company today! See what our satisfied clients are saying:


We are a not-for-profit aimed at empowering youth. Among other things, we teach drug abstinence. Stamping our message on the cover of an attractive mobile phone case inspired many discussions among the youth at our center. It powerfully reinforced the zero-tolerance message we worked so hard to send.
Gail Miami, FL

As mobile technology continues to redefine society, its vital for brands to send a clear and consistent message. Mobile accessories are a corporate gift that consumers in every demographic want to receive. Whether youre targeting young adults, professionals, or other consumers, promotional accessories send a powerful message for your brand. Dont let your marketing tactics fall through the cracks and fail to resonate with consumers. Invest in a promotional product that can meaningfully be incorporated into everyday life. Farfromboring Promotions is here to help your brand find a creative solution!

Remember, the majority of mobile consumers keep their devices in close proximity at all times. Traveling to work, school, home, and social events increases the actual reach for your brand. From protective case covers to headphones, consumers are always looking to improve the durability and functionality of their device. Is your logo on these meaningful accessories? Its time to power your brand and increase its reach today.

Harness the Power of Mobile Accessories to Promote and Popularize your Brand
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