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Promotional lanyards can be used at conferences, events and in the workplace. They hold all kinds of objects: keys, identification cards and USB drives, etc., all while exposing your brand. Using custom lanyards to promote can be a great way to leave a memorable impression. With many colors and designs we can customize your lanyard so that its special for your company, school or event. Get a lanyard with your company logo today!
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Hosting or sponsoring an event means you must leverage every opportunity to display your logo and promote your brand. It is important to realize that any event you host is your opportunity to expose and promote your product (or service) and to sear the memory of your brand into the minds of attendees. This requires you to maximize all kinds of branded promotional products that catch the eye of your target audience. Its the only way for people to remember your business above all the other brands.

Lanyards are worn around the neck at eye level and are certain to get noticed

It is standard at business meetings, events and conferences for attendees to wear a nametag; this is true whether its a large or small gathering. Nametags are required for identification and security purposes. The primary way to display and wear a nametag is with a lanyard worn around the neck. In fact, it is a little-known fact that lanyards provide one of the best promotional items to brand with your logo. They are worn at eye level and depending on the color and style you choose, they can be customized for any occasion or business event.

Never Underestimate the Promotional Power of a Lanyard:
Promotional lanyards of all colors
Advertising lanyards with unique styles
Marketing through branded lanyards
Custom lanyards for any event
Logo branded lanyards that stand out

To further maximize your investment, most attendees take their lanyards home and use them for everyday tasks like holding their keys, USB drives and other small yet essential items. In fact, lanyards with a snap buckle release are more likely to be used over and over again. The long retention potential of quality lanyards make your brand memorable way after your event has wrapped up and finished.

After speaking with your customer service rep last year, I realized I had overlooked branded lanyards at all our previous conferences. I then branded our lanyards with our logo, slogan and phone number and received sales throughout the year from this
- Janie, New York, NY

Farfromboring has a selection of the most cost-effective lanyards on the market. We also have the largest selection of customizable promotional lanyards. Branded lanyards are a simple way to ensure people remember your brand for a long time.

Remember to maximize every possible available opportunity to promote your brand, all the way down to lanyards. Familiarize yourself today with our varied selection of styles and textures: leather lanyards, braided lanyards, knitted cotton lanyards, polyester lanyards and a many more.

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