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Promotional Duffle Bags to Build Your Brand With

Duffle bags are one of the most versatile bags ever invented. They can be used to transport equipment to the gym, carry clothes on a trip, and even as an alternative to a backpack or briefcase. For these reasons, its not surprising that promotional duffle bags are so popular. Youll see them on campuses, in the office, on airplanes, and at the gym.
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Your business can leverage this wide ranging appeal by putting your logo, tagline, and/or web address on a promotional duffle bag. As people carry them around, these bags will promote your product and build brand awareness.

There are many promotional products on the market, such as t-shirts, stickers, and key chains, so many business owners wonder why they should choose a bag.

With a t-shirt, someone might only wear it at home or occasionally out of the house. Most people have numerous t-shirts in their closet but only a few bags, so bags get used much more frequently. Additionally, bags are used for transporting items, so theyre likely to be used and seen in public.

Stickers are sometimes put in private places with little exposure. Even when they are put in public, they may be taken down, covered up, or tampered with. And when theyre not, they are still stuck in one place so they dont offer the mobile advertising benefits of an item that is carried around, such as a bag.

Key chains are also no match for a bag because they spend most of their time in someones pocket or purse, so they rarely attract attention. When theyre out of the pocket or purse, its generally because the key is in the ignition, so the logo on the keychain is not likely to be noticed.

As you can see, other promotional products are effective, but theyre not as effective as bags. The best strategy is to use a combination of promotional products. Its still wise to invest in t-shirts, key chains, and stickers, but if youre on a limited budget and cant afford several items, bags offer the best value.

Duffle bags are especially useful because theyre durable, so they can last for several years and continue promoting your brand. With commercials and advertisements, theyre usually expensive and run for a limited amount of time. But a promotional duffle bag can provide mobile long-term advertising at a fraction of the price.

Also, people tend to use duffle bags in a wide range of situations, so your logo has a better chance of being seen. Someone might notice your logo on a bag at the gym and ask the owner what the brand is about. Similarly, someone might notice the bag as a piece of carry-on luggage on a cross-country flight. Duffle bags are useful for promoting a wide range of brands, from fitness and nutritional products to travel agencies and insurance companies.

At Farfromboring, we have a variety of sizes, styles, and colors of promotional duffle bags to enhance with your logo. View our inventory today to learn more.

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