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Promotional Glow Products Can Make Your Business Stand Out

Customized promotional products with your businesss logo are a great way to get noticed and increase brand recognition. However, most items only work in well-lit settings. Promotional glow products were invented to solve this problem and make your brand stand out 24/7.

At, we carry a wide range of glow in the dark promotional items, including magnets, balloons, glassware, ribbons, necklaces, glow sticks, candles, bracelets, badges, straws, fans, hats, wands, pendants, lanyards, and much more. Imagine having a glow in the dark fan or magnet with your logo on it. At night, one of the only things theyll see is your logo or message.
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Youre Glowing!

With a little creativity and imagination, you can find many additional uses for promotional glow products. Weve seen clients use them for evening events, concerts, plays, industry conferences, and the like. Successfully utilizing promotional products is all about brand awareness. When customers recognize a brand, theyre more likely to do business with them, refer them to friends, and rate their consumer experience as satisfactory or better.

But how do you get your brand noticed when youre small, local, or just starting out? Thats a challenging marketing problem many companies face. Unfortunately, the solutions they turn to usually dont offer a good return on investment. For example, many small companies learn the hard way that running commercials on TV, buying billboard space, and taking out ads in the paper are all too expensive and dont generate enough buzz.

Glow at a Lower Cost

Promotional products offer a cost effective way to get your brand noticed. Many of our promotional glow products are in the $2 to $4 price range, but theyre durable and will continue promoting your brand for years. Compare that with a commercial that costs thousands of dollars, but only airs for less than a minute. Additionally, distributing promotional products is easy just hand them out in crowded areas, give them to employees, customers, prospects, and anyone else wholl take them.

Its important to keep in mind that not all promotional products are the same some do a better job of promoting your brand than others. Promotional glow products are highly effective because they stand out and are visible 24 hours a day. It doesnt matter whether its midnight at a loud concert or noon in a mall, a colorful glow in the dark bracelet is easy to see.

Feature Your Logo

When choosing the right glow in the dark product, its important to consider your companys logo and colors. Ideally, you want something that complements both. Think about your target market and what theyre likely to use because the item wont be as effective if it sits in a drawer.

For a younger demographic, glow in the dark necklaces, bracelets, lanyards, rings, balloons, glow sticks, and hats tend to work well. If your company appeals to a more professional audience, glow in the dark candles and magnets are a good option. Our glow in the dark mugs, glasses, and tumblers are great for everyone in your target market.

Promotional glow products are particularly effective if youre attending an event that wont be constantly lit, such as anything outdoors or at night. Even if the event is well-lit, people leaving to head home at the end of the night will notice your product glowing once they step outside.

At, we have a large inventory of promotional glow in the dark products, so youre bound to find something your target market will use from jewelry and glassware to magnets and candles. Utilize our idea generator tool to bring your promotional ideas to life!

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