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Eco-friendly Promotional Products for Your Business

Today, it is more important than ever to practice sustainability whenever possible. Our world is changing, and many of the environmental issues we are currently facing are due to simple disregard for the environment. But recently, businesses are becoming increasingly aware of their environmental impacts and have begun to take the necessary steps needed to make a positive difference. One sure way businesses can show their support is by using eco-friendly promotional products to market their brand with.
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Eco Friendly Promotional Products

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If your business prides itself on being environmentally friendly, consider some of our sustainable products. These products are made with recycled materials and are free of added chemicals. They also offer renewable or rechargeable energy sources, resulting in less waste in our landfills. Your customers will be impressed by your dedication to the environment and amazed that such fabulous promotional products can also be environmentally friendly!

Consider a few of our most popular eco-friendly products:

  • Eco Me FileFolio. These are flexible organizers made mostly from recycled materials. On one side of this organizer is a high quality-writing pad. The other side contains five clear plastic pockets complete with their own individual closures. These are perfect for storing CDs, USB sticks, pens, business cards and so much more. Secure the entire organizer closed by pulling the stretchable cord over the sturdy faster. Available in a variety of colors, your companys name and logo will be published on the center of each organizer.
  • Bag Recycler. Give your customers an easy way to keep track and organize all those plastic bags they receive from the grocery store. Plastic bags are an environmental hazard and require countless chemicals and pollution to produce. Using the Bag Recycler, customers can easily store all their plastic bags for easy reuse or delivery to a recycling center. This promotional product is extremely durable and easily hangs on handles or knobs where your companys information will be prominently displayed.
  • Water Powered Calculator. Long gone are the days when battery or solar powered calculators were the only options. These new, innovative calculators rely on the power of water. Simply remove the base, fill with water and reattach. Water will provide the calculator with countless hour of energy, perfect for those on the go and in need of calculations. Plus, these calculators are cool! Who wouldnt want a water-powered calculator?
  • PerfectBook™ Linen Seminar Pad is made of earth-friendly linen fibers and constructed with utmost durability and attention to detail. As an elegant writing block, it is guaranteed to add style to any customers office supplies. The linen cover is available in seven different colors, and your companys information can be printed on the front in the design of your choosing. Each book contains 100 pages of ruled paper measuring 5.5 by 8.5 inches. The PerfectBook™ Linen Seminar Pad offers clients a stylish note taking alternative to the boring, outdated legal pad.
  • And much, much more.

At, were always adding new products, so be sure to regularly check our eco-friendly promotional products page to discover new ideas. Since eco-friendly technology is consistently improving, we always add the newest promotional products to contribute to a more sustainable world.

Why Invest in Eco-Friendly Promotional Products?

Research and extensive surveys reveal that customers are more likely to support environmentally focused businesses. By investing in eco-friendly promotional products, youre sending a clear message that your business is passionate about protecting our planet. Recipients are likely to use these products, which further reinforces your positive brand messaging.

Consumers want solutions to reduce their carbon footprint and help the planet. Your eco-friendly promotional products will cut through todays marketing clutter to resonate with potential clients. Eco-friendly products are a perfect solution in every industry.

Invest in green promotional products to help your business earn more green in return!

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