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Custom Printed Promotional Drinkware to Promote Your Brand

Promotional Drinkware has long been one of the most popular promotional products and for good reason, since its practicality means itll be used frequently. If you give a potential customer a mug or water bottle with your name on it, theyll use it at home, at the gym, or the office. Each time they use it, theyre broadcasting your brand to others around them, who become more familiar with your logo, brand messaging - and your business! As a result, youll have a big edge over the competition when theyre searching for a business in your sector.
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If they bring the promotional drinkware to the office, itll further promote your product or service because others will see it too. As their friends and coworkers pass by their desk, theyre likely to ask about the glassware as well as the logo. If its a well-designed piece, they might even ask where they can get one for themselves. So have some custom promotional drinkware printed and distribute it widely to employees, customers, prospects, friends, family, colleagues, and anyone else wholl use it.

Drink in Your Marketing Efforts

At the heart of this marketing tactic is the idea of brand recognition. The more familiar someone is with your logo and brand, the greater the likelihood that theyll choose your company over competitors. Why? Because its human nature to want to interact with people we know and trust. This is true in our personal and social lives, as well as our professional lives and the decisions we make as consumers. Promotional products are highly effective tools for building brand recognition.

However, that doesnt mean all promotional products are equally as effective. Some items are likely to sit in a dresser drawer collecting dust, while others will actually be used. Ideally, you want the best of both worlds a promotional product thats used frequently and used in public. Thats why our custom promotional drinkware is a wise choice.

Give Them Something Theyll Use

For these reasons, practicality is important. And whats more practical than glassware? We all need to drink fluids each and every day, so we tend to keep glassware at the office, at home, in our gym bag, and in the car. When we use a mug at work every day or a water bottle at the gym, others will see it.

Custom glassware will get your brand noticed by a wide range of people at an affordable price. Unlike billboards, magazine ads, and commercials, it wont cost a fortune and will have a longer lasting opportunity to market. At, we have glassware that costs only a few dollars but lasts for years. The marketing return on investment for promotional drinkware is incredible.

To increase the effectiveness of this marketing strategy, its a great idea to invest in more than one piece of glassware. Get mugs, water bottles, glasses, tumblers, and much more that feature your logo. Mix and match colors and styles to increase your range by having your glassware appeal to more people.

Cater to Your Target Market

Its also important to consider your target market. If your business serves a younger demographic, colorful tumblers and light-up glasses might be the best options. For businesses that offer products and services to working professionals, a coffee mug is highly effective. Water bottles work well for just about anybody, but theyre especially popular among companies in the fitness and nutrition business.

Every year we hold a community block party and we give away thousands of logo-branded products. Customers that turn to us throughout the year, always mention the party and promotional gifts theyve collected
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Farfromborings custom promotional drinkware can help your business reach a wider audience, even if your budget is limited. For more ideas on how to please your target market, try our idea generator tool!

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