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Promotional Desk Accessories - Branding that Lasts

Promotional products are a great way to get in front of your target market and increase brand awareness. However, some promotional products will be seen by certain groups of people more than others. For example, if your promotional item is stashed away inside a dresser or closet, its ability to expose your brand name has ended. Promotional desk accessories are highly effective, as they remain out in the open and in prime location to be seen on a daily basis. At, we call this Desk Real Estate, as desk accessories are the perfect way to leverage your brand in an office setting.
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Whats on Your Desk?

We carry a wide range of promotional desk accessories, such as magnet displays, letter openers, phone holders, clocks, sticky note decks, portfolios, paper clip holders, mouse pads, and much more. We ensure every one of these products is practical, so itll be used and remain on a desk for months or years. This increases the number of individuals who will see it, which ultimately helps you grow brand awareness.

Desk accessories are highly affordable, so they offer a great return on investment for your marketing dollars. Many products are under $5 but can be seen by dozens or even hundreds of people. When you compare the high cost of commercials and other methods of advertising, youll see what a bargain promotional desk accessories can be. Most people spend 40 or more hours per week at the office, so their desk is the perfect place to display your logo.

Consider Your Target Market

When deciding on the best promotional desk accessories, its important to consider the target market and what items theyre most likely to use. If your prospects tend to be on the phone frequently, such as sales personnel, human resource professionals, and vendors, then cell phone holders are perfect. For managers or individuals in a high-stress environment, our cascade fountain is a great way to help them feel better during the day. And what could be better than having them associate that good mood with a product that has your companys logo on it?

Many of our products, such as mouse pads, pens, notebooks, and planners, are suitable for people in any industry. As Robert Stillman said, the important thing is to make sure you get in front of them, stay in front of them, and always show them you care. Well-chosen promotional desk accessories are good for accomplishing revered long-term brand exposure.

Maximize Your Marketing Efforts

Rather than relying on a single product to carry your promotional weight, have several items available that appeal to the masses. If one desk accessory is noticed by 50 people per month, just think of how effective youd be and the greater number of people you would target if there were additional products on display in an office!

We ask customers the standard question of how they heard about us. Weve been surprised yet encouraged by how many people said theyd seen our logo on products around the office! Branded office products definitely work. Thank you!
- Rhonda, Miami, FL

Many marketing strategies come down to brand exposure and recognition. If people dont know you exist, then they cant do business with you. However, if they have been familiar with your brand for months or years yet have never tried your product or services before, a well-placed promotional item can prompt them to do so when the need arises. Its human nature to want to interact with people we know, which is a principle that applies to companies as well.

At, we carry promotional desk accessories in a wide range of shapes, sizes, and colors, so youll always be able to find something that complements your logo and brand. We have staplers, business card holders, USB hubs, calculators, clipboards, calendars, and much more. If youre struggling to find the perfect item, check out the idea generator tool on our website.

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