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Nov 30, 07 08:16 AM

Promotional Holiday Clothing

Dress up the office in festive holiday wear, or send a wearable seasons greeting to clients with promotional holiday clothing. Happy Holidays from FarFromBoring.com!

A ladies soft shell quilted jacket makes a warm promotional gift. Quilted interior, Port Authority fleece collar, and poly fill ward off the winter chill. The jacket features a large surface area for printing a logo or company name. The ladies jacket can even be personalized for exceptional employees. Other holiday gift ideas for the ladies include a full zip cotton pullover, perfect for layering in the cold.

For the guys, a 100% cashmere scarf is an excellent gift for the holidays. Also check out the V-neck windshirt from Nike. This shirt is perfect for a late season game of golf or other outdoor activity. The Tiger Woods shirt from Nike makes a great thank you for a team that has delivered for the year. The shirt can be a causal Friday uniform, and is available in five colors and sizes from small to 4X. The guys in the office may appreciate a quilted shell jacket. Features include a zippered front, interior pocket for a cell phone and two slash pockets in front for storage, or just keeping hands warm and toasty.

Nov 30, 07 08:10 AM

Holiday Food Gifts

Happy Holidays from FarFromBoring.com!

Munchies are always appreciated at holiday time, and food gifts can easily be customized with a company name or logo. Chocolate and gingerbread cookies emblazoned with a company logo can be made to order within 14 business days. Or send a Holiday Delights Tower to a favored client. The tower has mints, chocolates, smoked almonds; more than enough goodies for a small office staff.

The Double Star Tower is a nice holiday gift basket. Two star-shaped packages are bundled together with an attractive ribbon. The ribbon can be imprinted with your company name or logo. The goodies include chocolate covered almonds, caramel and pecan turtles and honey roasted peanuts, yummy. A brownie basket is also a nice touch for a larger office. Three dozen tasty cookies and brownies are sent in a leather handled gift basket with personalized ribbon. Cookies and brownies are a mix of chocolate, macadamia, raspberry, and oatmeal.

The Winter Wonderland is another great holiday food gift. A frosty snowman hides a cornucopia of treats inside. A dozen fresh cookies in four flavors, half a dozen brownies, and a quarter pound of California pistachios. To finish of the goodies, the Winter Wonderland snowman holds jumbo cashews and Ghirardelli chocolate squares


Nov 28, 07 10:04 AM

Promotional USB Drives

Looking for quick gift ideas for the company office party, or just a couple atta boy presents to acknowledge a hard worker? As computer memory gets cheaper and cheaper, flash drives make neat, customizable gifts. Check these out.

A USB flashlight provides a handy, portable light source. Best of all, the drive plugs in the USB port of a computer for a quick recharge. We can get USB flashlights made up with a company logo within 5 business days. Keychain USB drives are another neat gift idea. These little drives hold 128 or 64 MB.

For the meeting wizard, take a look at the laser pointer USB drive. The laser pointer makes a visible dot up to 100 feet away, and is usable even if the flash drive is plugged into a USB port. Executives might like a personalized executive USB drive that features 2.0 USB technology and password protection for sensitive information.

Medical or pharmaceutical companies might find a pill-shaped USB drive a nicely themed corporate gift. 4 colors and a range of memory available from 128 meg to two full gigs.

One of the more popular USB designs, the Seattle custom USB flash drive has a large surface area for imprinting and a hinged, attached lid for convenience.


Nov 27, 07 02:32 PM

Interview with Paul Lage President of Norwood Proomotional Products

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Robert Stillman CEO of FarFromBoring.com interviews Paul Lage President of Norwood Promotional Products.

Nov 27, 07 09:17 AM

Commuter Lunch Bag

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Give them lunch packed with style! Our commuter bag is handy and convenient, and features front zipped pockets and mesh side pockets. Its foam insulation keeps hot things hot and cold things cold, andits waterproof lining seals in the leaks. Customize this bag with your company name or logo and make it the perfect “thank you” for hardworking employees that are in and out, and on the go! To find the best lunch bag or tote to fit your needs, contact a knowledgeable Farfromboring.com salesperson today!

Commuter Lunch Bag


Nov 27, 07 09:13 AM

Next Great Gift

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You’re in luck‐We’ve found the key to your next great gift! This Brushed Plate Key Ring with its classic leather and metal will surely please that valued client or loyal employee. Personalize that plate with your company logo or name and it promises to be an unforgettable gift!

Contact a Farfromboring.com representative and let them help you find the perfect gift for the holidays, or anytime!

Brushed Plate Key Ring


Nov 27, 07 09:09 AM

Heat up the holidays with custom imprinted FLEECE accessories!

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Bring warmth and comfort to your clients and staff this holiday season with logoed scarves, blankets, hats and earmuffs! Your logo will travel and keep your recipients warm for winters to come. Embroidered scarves are available in tons of color options which are sure to make your logo “pop”. Add a matching fleece cap to keep them stylish too!

Looking for a gift for every demographic? Try an imprinted fleece blanket. The winter nights will be bearable with the comfort and style of these classic imprinted blankets. Available with a strap for easy transport, these loged fleece blankets can be used in the office, on a trip, in the home or in the car!

Farfromboring.com will help you find the purrfect gift to warm their hearts.

Nov 26, 07 11:30 AM

Go Chase These Desk Top Waterfalls

Farfromboring.com is very proud to feature the new and exciting Desk Top Waterfall.

These products are not only innovative and handsome, but according to It’s Time Online Magazine (http://www.itstime.com/nov99.htm), “Having plants in the company, waterfalls, nature walks or trees around the physical workplace add immeasurable ability to harmonize the company's energy with powerful ability of nature to help us feel balanced.”

An indoor waterfall will instantly bring elegance to your home or office. It can serve as an art piece, stylishly accenting any décor and waterfalls may reduce unpleasant noise from the surrounding environment, so it can be especially useful for busy offices or areas of high traffic. The sound of moving water promotes a sense of calm and covers the detrimental effects of noise pollution.

Not only are these items attractive and pleasant, but they are also practical, they are also business card and pen holders. Promote style, comfort, and your business with these lovely items. Reach out to a Farfromboring.com representative today to learn more about them.

Amazon Desktop Waterfall


Nov 21, 07 01:35 PM

Promotional Cookies - What a gift!

Who doesn't love cookies? Cookies and other sweet treats make perfect gifts during the holiday season. Farfromboring.com has a fantastic line of promotional cookies from Maple Ridge Farms. Chocolate chip, oatmeal raisin, and snickerdoodles are just a few mouth-watering varieties available. Maple Ridge Farms bakes these cookies fresh daily and they are individually wrapped immediately from the oven; sealing in all the freshness. These delicious treats come in boxes imprinted with your company's name or logo. When the recipients are enjoying their tasty gifts, they will remember who sent them. What better way to extend good will between companies or to clients/customers than to treat them to soft, freshly-baked cookies? With these promotional cookies, your company or organization will certainly be appreciated.

Promotional Cookies


Nov 21, 07 01:30 PM

Promotional Apparel for Winter

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There's a chill in the air, and Farfromboring.com has exactly what you need to keep your business warm! When your clients or customers are outside on chilly days, shouldn't they be keeping warm with a jacket bearing your company's name or logo? Promotional apparel is always a great way to get your company or organization's name noticed any time of year. If you have outward sales representatives or employees that are doing business while travelling during the cold months, give them a company sweater or coat to wear. When they're out in the wintery world, they can stay warm while promoting the business. Check out Farfromboring.com's promotional apparel for winter! Every clothing item is readily available for imprinting the text or logo of your choice. We have everything from coats and jackets, to scarves and knit hats.


Nov 19, 07 09:18 AM

Working With Us is a Piece of Cake

Here at farfromboring.com we like to think out of the box. Show your customers your lighter side with some of these entertaining products. Do you think your cause or company is the greatest thing since sliced bread? Getting people out of a pickle? Was your last event a touchdown? Let’s work together to bring a smile to the faces of your promotional product recipient and keep them wanting more….

Cake Stress Reliever
cake stress ball

Nov 19, 07 09:11 AM

Awareness Promotions

Think Pink!
All throughout October you were, weren’t you? Thanks to a powerful cause awareness marketing initiative, October is now known as Breast Cancer Awareness month.

What will November be remembered as? Apparently, it’s the national month for the following (corresponding colors are listed alongside the causes they are associated with):

• National Adoption Month- White
• American Diabetes- Gray
• Alzheimer’s Disease- Dark purple
• National Epilepsy- Lavender
• National Bone Marrow- Dark Green
• Pancreatic Cancer- Dark Purple
• Lung Cancer- White
• National Hospice- Maroon

Farfromboring.com has ample promotional options available to help spotlight your cause/organization. Stuck on an idea? One of our representatives will be more than happy to help you construct an entire cause marketing campaign! Need something custom made? No problem, Farfromboring.com can help.


Nov 19, 07 08:14 AM

Tis The Season- To Stay Warm

Wrap your employees or customers with this great gift. This will not only feautre your beautifully embroidered logo but will keep them warm in the winter months. This fleece scarf measures 56x10 and comes in 12 colors! A great gift for men, women, and children. Contact a farfrombroing speacialist today for more information.

Promotional Scarf


Nov 19, 07 08:10 AM

A Gift That is Sure to Please...

Giving gifts is not always easy, sometimes all you need to do is say "what would I like to recieve?" If this is the question of the day then here's my answer. Please your staff or customers with a 100% terry velour robe. This delicious robe can feature your embroidered logo to keep people thinking of what a nice gift they got from you while relaxing in their new robe. Contact a farfromboring specialist today to order.

Promotional Robe


Nov 15, 07 09:24 AM

Looking for the Perfect Gift?

When my dad’s birthday rolled around at the end of the summer, I was in a rut as to what to get him, as usual.
He’s a simple kind of man who could sit on the porch all morning and watch the squirrels eat out of the bird feeder. So, when I found about the Ecosphere, I realized at once that it would be the perfect gift.
The Ecosphere is filled with several miniature shrimp that feed off a piece of coral and actually survive for up to 5 years! This completely self-contained, self-sustained ecosystem is truly amazing because it requires zero maintenance. All you have to do is put it in the sunlight. My dad couldn’t believe he never had to worry about the water getting foggy or algae building up on the sides.
At first, he was quite concerned as to how the other shrimp would fair if one of them died, but I assured him he need not worry about that either. The dead shrimp actually become a part of the nutrients that help sustain the ecosphere.
He claims that the longer he’s had it, the more interesting it gets, and he’s actually named a few of them…the largest shrimp is fondly referred to as “Jumbo”. My dad now spends his morning cup of coffee watching the little shrimp swimming around in the sphere and continues to be wowed by the tiny enclosed world sitting on his kitchen table.
Give this gift of science and serenity to that special client or valued employee. Reach out to a FarFromBoring.com representative to learn more about this truly amazing and unique way to wow any recipient!



Nov 14, 07 11:19 AM

Some Scary Facts You Should Know

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Did you know that the average desk contains over 300 times more germs than a toilet seat?!?!?! All I can say about this is lets start disinfecting. Hand out these anti-bacterial sanitizing spray's and protect your employees from germs. By doing so you may protect your office from the more than 1 billion colds that Americans experience every year, this fact alone is responsible for approximately 50 million missed days of work. This item contains roughly 150 applications and kills 99.9% of germs on contact. Stop those nasty germs in their tracks and promote your business as the same time. Contact us today for more info and other great options.

Anibacterial Sanitizer - As low as $2.20
antibacterial spray

Nov 14, 07 11:11 AM

Welcome! Start New Hires Off on the Right Foot

A great way to welcome a new member of the team is to give them an item that shows you're thinking ahead and making sure they feel welcomed. A great gift that will not only keep one organized but a great item for meetings, sales calls, and everyday notes is a writing pad. This will not only put a smile on the face of new hire it's also made of 51% post consumer recycled material. This pad also includes a 100% post consumer recycled 8 ½" x 11" lined paper pad. Take the first step to show you care not only about your new hire but also do something good for the environment. Feature your logo on one of these socially responsible products and your staff will surely take notice. For more great ideas check out our website farfromboring.com or go straight to our eco friendly section.

Eco Friendly Writting Pad - As low as $10.66

Nov 13, 07 08:40 AM

Personalized Greeting Cards

These greetings are music to your ears!

Make a personal impression on your clients this holiday season with a custom imprinted greeting card. Farfromboring.com has a unique selection of imprinted holiday cards with your custom message.

The basic beautiful imprinted greeting card to the gift of music! A jumbo card with a music CD inserted of your favorite holiday selections. Classical tunes from the Nutcracker and the whimsical songs that will inspire your clients for years to come are available in a beautiful matching card. A flat mailer is also included to make sure they get these thoughtful gifts in time to enjoy them at the office and at home.

Want a more personalized greeting card? Try our variable data customized holiday card! All you have to do is provide Farfromboring.com with an Excel spreadsheet of your “nice” list and we will create a card with the names on your list! Each card is a one of a kind that integrates your customers with the great looking cards available! If you want to take it even further, you can add a CD!


Nov 13, 07 08:36 AM

Farfromboring.com Announces New Eco Friendly Products

We have recently added dozens of the newest eco friendly products to hit the market. Check out this brand new 100% Recycled Deluxe Tote. Made for 100% post consumer recycled material this is the ultimate in “green” giving. A great holiday gift, convention item, or token of appreciation, this will surely be a hit. Check out the entire line at eco friendly totes

Be one of the first to sport this amazing new product!

eco friendly totes

Nov 12, 07 11:23 AM

Holiday gifts that won’t leave them hungry for more!

It’s not too late to order the perfect holiday foods for your favorite clients and office staff! Chocolate covered almonds, peppermint bark, turtles, truffles, brownies, cookies, mint candies…are we enticing you yet?! Custom imprinted boxes, ribbons, and bows will guarantee that your recipients not only know where these amazing flavors came from, but how to thank you! Each delectable is packaged to order and positively fresh!
If you are looking for a gift that gives for years to come, include a beautiful desk item or vase with the food! Your logo will remind your customers how sweet your services are!

Contact your Farfromboring.com sales representative and they will help you find the perfect holiday gift for your budget

Nov 12, 07 09:39 AM

Holiday USB Drive Gift

Make the Holidays Memorable with a promotional imprinted USB memory drive!

Farfromboring.com has the memory drive that will wow your customers, the Curve. This 512MB model comes with a one color imprint and neck lanyard all for only $15.75! You can bring your logo to life with the matching color accent in Green, Purple, Black, Red, Blue, White, Yellow, or Orange.
This custom imprinted USB memory stick is also composed of environmentally friendly components, so this year’s holiday gift will impress and keep with the eco friendly trend!
Don’t like wrapping presents, Farfromboring.com has that covered too! For an additional $1.65 these drives come with a gift box in red or black as well as a decorative holiday bow!

Curved USB Drive


Nov 12, 07 09:35 AM

Multi-Color Logos Unite!

Tired of limiting your multi-color logo to one color? Worry no more! We can keep you logo as it was meant to be with a whole new line of dome impint products. Check out this great gift set that includes one easy grip sports bottle, a mini key light and a hang tag that doubles as a keychain. All items feature the “N-Dome” process which includes up to 4 standard imprint colors and a background color. Finding the right product for your logo is essential for proper branding. Contact us today to see the entire line!

Adventurous Gift Set - $7.99


Nov 9, 07 09:54 AM

Promotional Drinkware Gift Sets

Just in time for the holidays - Farfromboring.com presents our collection of promotional drinkware gift sets! These fantastic gift sets make the perfect promotional gifts for the holiday season. They include a travel mug, tumbler, or sport bottle with everything from coasters to key chains. And that's not all, they come in an attractive velveteen pouch or gift box. With a gift set, not only do you have the option of your name or logo on one item, but you have multiple opportunities for advertising. Check out the drinkware gift sets in our holiday store. We're sure you'll find the right promotional items for your holiday needs at Farfromboring.com

Holiday Gifts under $10


Nov 9, 07 09:03 AM

Alcohol Realted Gifts for the Holidays

Need a holiday gift for a fun-loving group of employees or customers? Maybe you own a restaurant or catering business, and want to show your appreciation this holiday season? Far From Boring has a wide selection of gifts that will impress anyone that likes to entertain their guests with both dinner and drinks.

Consider the Martini Shaker Gift set. This fine set comes with a stainless steel martini shaker, and two elegant glasses for entertaining. It comes in a white gift-box, and the shaker can be etched with your company logo or slogan. If wine is more their style, consider the Wine and Bar Set. Set in a customizable wooden box, it includes a corkscrew, bottle stop, and neck-ring/stopper. And for a slightly more elegant look, try the Laguiole Two Piece Wine Set. It is inspired by the Laguiole craftsmanship of the 15th century, and comes in a stylish wooden box.

And the party isn’t complete with some sort of games. Get both the drinks and the game in one, with this Poker and Martini set. It comes with green felt table cloth for Texas Hold’em, as well as Black Jack. It also includes five dice, playing cards, and all the tools you need to make a perfect martini. And of course, this product is fully customizable with your logo or slogan.


Nov 6, 07 09:24 AM

Holiday Gifts for your Traveling Sales Team

There are few harder working people than your sales team. After all, without them, you might not even be in business. They are away from their families for days or weeks at a time, and always working toward that next big client. This holiday, you’ll want to show them your appreciation, with a customizable holiday gift from Far From Boring.com.

Give something stylish and functional, like the Leather Travel Wallet for men, or the Magnified Gift Set for women. This gift set includes pill box, vanity mirror and more. Or, cover men and women with this versatile Ogio Jack Pack. It is the perfect carry-on luggage with pockets for airline tickets and MP3 players, plus a slot for business cards and a laptop sleeve. Maybe your sales-team is on the road instead of the air. Keep them prepared with the all-in-one Deluxe Cross Country Highway Kit. It has everything they need to face an emergency on the road.

And we know that being on travel can be emotional. We all miss our families while away. Help your sales-team keep their family close with this Digital Photo Travel Clock. It rotates 60 digital images, while keeping your sales-staff on time. All of these products are fully customizable with your logo and slogan. They make great gifts for employees or customers.


Nov 5, 07 09:14 AM

Executive Holiday Gifts

Whether you want to buy something special for your boss, or you have a staff of executives that are expecting a good holiday gift, Far From Boring has what you need. We have a full line of executive holiday gifts that will please even the most finicky executive.

Chances are your executive is equipped with a palm pilot, blackberry, Iphone, or some other electronic device. It is their lifeline to both the company, and their family. So, help them protect this valuable asset and keep it within handy reaching distance with the Desk Stand for Small Electronics. It will hold their precious devices, or even just a common cell phone. And, to keep their electronics safe at work, or even on travel, consider the Technology Security Lock Set. They can protect their blackberry, palm pilot or cell phone, which may contain precious company information, from wandering hands. Plus, they can protect other valuables with the MilanoValuables Case.

Maybe you want to give your executive or boss something fun. Because we all know, all work and no play is no good at all. Check out the Executive Putter Set from Far From Boring. This elegant wood case holds a putter, ball and cup for practice or play in the hotel, at home, or even a slow day at the office. And as always, all the products from Far From Boring are completely customizable with your company logo and slogan. Contact us today!