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Oct 24, 07 10:11 AM

Fan-Ta-Stick Inflatables

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A sports crowd is a captive audience. A fanatic audience. An audience that will utilize freebies any chance they can get. Especially, when that promotional item is emblazoned with their favorite team logo. Just think of the branding you will accomplish when you hand-out the FAN-Ta-STICK Inflatables to hundreds or even thousands of fans at your local sporting event. These customizable, inflatable “rally clubs,” are entirely customizable, not only with the local team logos and colors, but with your business or organization logo as well. Hand them out to the first 100, 500 or even 1000 fans at your minor league baseball game, high school homecoming game, or even a major league game. The fans will hold on to these FAN-Ta-STICK Inflatables, and bring them to the game again and again, showcasing your logo each and every time. And the fans will appreciate it as well. Knowing that you support their team, they are likely to support you as well. The customizable FAN-Ta-STICK Inflatables come in Black, White, Red, Royal Blue, Navy Blue, Baby Blue, Green, Forest Green, Orange, Yellow, Purple, Brown, Gold, Silver, Maroon, Pink and Teal, so you are sure to get the right combination of team colors you need. Contact FarFromBoring.com today, and see how you can gain new fans with the FAN-Ta-STICK Inflatables.


Oct 23, 07 11:53 AM

Root N Toot Sport Horns

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Have you ever noticed how in sports, the home team always has that slight advantage? They have that little bit of oomph, that gives them an edge over their visiting opponents? That’s due to the cheers, screams and undying support from the fans surrounding them. Especially at school sports, like high-school and college. So, give the fans what they want, what they need to help their team march to victory…the Root n Toot Sports Horns. These customizable sports horns come in four varities, for the sport of your choice. We have football, baseball, soccer and basketball. (Sorry, no golf balls…these horns wouldn’t be welcome on the quiet course.) They make the perfect promotional giveaway for your local high-school or college, or even minor-league and major-league sports. Imagine how much school loyalty you will create get by handing these out to the first 500 or so fans at an event?! The fans will keep them season after season, to roon n toot their team to another victory. And they are fully customizable with your school logo or slogan. The horns come in a varity of colors including Black, White, Red, Royal Blue, Navy Blue, Green, Gold, and Silver. FarFromBoring.com brings you the sports promotional items that will bring you school loyalty year after year.


Oct 18, 07 11:17 AM

Promotional Morph Pad Sculpture

When the post-in note came out, it was praised as the greatest thing since sliced bread. Years later, these handy little sticky-notes are still a staple in nearly every office in the world. But, just as plain old sliced bread soon became replaced with vitamin-packed, whole-grain and designer breads, now the post-it note is getting a run for its money. Enter, the Morph Pad! These designer sticky-notes come in a variety of colors, and can be twisted, shaped and “morphed” into nearly any shape you can imagine. With over 1000 sheets of paper, these striped wonders will last a long time. They can be shaped and molded into twisting towers, leaning high-rises, and nearly anything you can think of. They can be customized with the logos and colors of your company or organization. What a neat, memorable gift! Of course, you can choose plain white, and make some post-modern sticky-note sculpture of your own, but you can also choose your own custom colors like black-and-white, yellow and green, or anything else your heart desires. You can order runs of 250 and up, which means you can outfit your entire office or organization, or use them as memorable promotional products. And just like the shapes you can make with the morph pads, the possibilities are endless.

The Morph Pad - as low as $5.42


Oct 17, 07 08:31 AM

Promotional Stress Balls

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It seems like everyone has their own advice on how you should deal with stress. Do this, don’t do that, say this, don’t say that. But when all is said and done, the bottom line is, you have to let that stress out! Be it exercising, writing, screaming, or the ever popular, Promotional Stress Ball. These soft, durable, gluttons for punishment are the perfect for home, office, when you want to squeeze the snot out of something. They help you relax, get focused, and return to your daily life relieved and refreshed. FarFromBoring.com offers a wide variety of stress balls, based on your profession, hobbies, interests, and sometimes, even the root of your stress! We offer those people people in the high-stress business of health care, we offer doctor stress balls or healthcare worker stress balls. And, for our brave civil servants, we offer the police officer stress ball. For the animal lovers, we offer a wide assortment of animal stress balls, and for the sports fanatic, a sports stress ball in nearly every American sport you can think of. Cell phones, which happen to be a major cause of stress for many, can be cradled in these cell phone holder stress balls. How convenient, when that call from the angry boss comes in? Of course, all are customizable with your company or organization logo.

Promotional Stress Balls
cell phone holder

Oct 16, 07 09:08 AM

Promotional Digital Picture Frames

Over the years, the digital camera became the mainstay for photo-lovers in America, while the old 35mm film cameras slowly went by the wayside. Sure, they are still around, and if you want, you can still buy film, take the pictures, pay for developing, hope they turn out good, and then pay for a frame to showcase them. But now, with digital cameras and promotional digital picture frames, you have more freedom and a wider selection of photos, but also a neat and inexpensive way to display them to friends and family. Digital picture frames allow you to upload a single picture, or a variety of pictures and display them in a slowly revolving slide-show. FarFromBoring.com offers a wide selection of digital picture frames that are perfect for a great promotional gift, or that holiday gift you want your employees to remember. And of course, all of our digital picture frames are customizable with your logo and slogan. We offer the Photo Gallery Digital Photo Frame, which holds nearly 40 photos for a slideshow that will personalize a workspace. Download pictures to these frames using a USB cord, which is supplied with our models. We also have the Reve Digital Photo Travel Clock, which holds 60 photos, and displays the time. What a perfect gift for those who travel! And for a digital picture frame that fits in their pockets, check out the Chairman Digital Photo Frame, which olds 60 pictures. No more fumbling through a wallet for pictures of the family, these handy numbers can scroll through a library of photos.

Promotional Digital Photo Frames

Oct 15, 07 09:21 AM

Promotional Wallets

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Wallets were first developed almost immediately after the introduction of paper money in the late 17th century. Since then, they have become almost a necessity. Wallets are a highly practical invention and make great promotional products for a number of reasons. First of all, there's no denying that a wallet is a very useful item. People all over the world use a wallet or billfold of some kind. They keep your money, credit cards, and identification in order. Everything important that you need to take with you is always there at your disposal. Most people never leave their homes without one.

Also, wallets are usually a very affordable item because they are a mass produced product that is always in demand. As with most products, wallets do tend to range in price and quality. But generally, people tend to purchase reasonably priced wallets of decent quality.
Farfromboring.com offers an excellent selection of promotional wallets. These promotional products are an excellent item for marketing your finance-related business, as well as great promotional gift items. Don't miss out on this perfect marketing opportunity! Farfromboring.com's promotional wallets are clearly the right choice!


Oct 12, 07 11:36 AM

Bic Pen Sale - Huge savings on promotional pens

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Visit Our Bic Pen Sale Store for huge savings on Bic Pens. These items won't last long!

Bic Steel Colors - Was $8.21 now $2.15

Oct 11, 07 02:07 PM

Recycled Circuit Boards

Look like you just stepped out of The Matrix, with recycled circuit board products from FarFromBoring.com. We offer recycled circuit boards that have been transformed into products that are fun, functional, environmentally friendly, and just plain neat. These futuristic products will grab attention, be curiosities for friends and family, and show your love of all things technology. Your coworkers will comment as they walk by and see your mouse dashing across the recycled circuit board mouse pad. This eco-friendly product comes in green, and as with all our products, fully customizable with your name, logo and more. For music and DVD lovers, and not to mention the software junkies, consider the recycled CD book or the recycled CD clamshell. You can carry their music, movies and software in style, with these eco-friendly recycled circuit board cases. And, pick out your luggage quickly and easily, with these noticeable and customizable recycled circuit board luggage tags. You’ll be able to differentiate your black suitcase from the other forty black suitcases going along the conveyor belt, and someone might just think you traveled here from The Matrix. For the most unique, eco-friendly, technological promotional products on the market, check FarFromBoring.com.

Recycled Circuit Board Keyring - As low as $2.02

Oct 10, 07 11:38 AM

Promotional Magnets - The Family Refrigerator, Your Best Billboard

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Everyone likes to receive a free promotional product. But, the trick is, to find a product that is long-lasting, and a customer will want to hold on to, and not forget in the backseat of their car. So, for maximum exposure, you want a promotional product that will “stick around.” Enter, the magnet. Simple, cheap, and effective for weeks, months or years at a time, and usually on a family refrigerator. Think about your own refrigerator, and how old those magnets are! These are perhaps one of the best products for long-lasting exposure. Nearly everyone has a refrigerator, and nearly everyone needs a magnet. They are good for businesses like contractors, attorneys, and even veterinarians. Imagine how long this flexible cat magnet will stay on a fridge, displaying a vet’s information! Other companies that would benefit are high-volume businesses like food delivery services and lawn care professionals, who need to have their phone number easily accessible and in-sight at all times. They would benefit from the basic customizable business card magnet, the glow-in-the-dark business card magnet. For a personal touch, consider the Bic three-in-one picture magnet. There are plenty of different styles, shapes, and customizable magnets to choose from, so you will find something for any business in any industry. With Farfromboring.com, you can turn the family refrigerator into a long-lasting billboard.

Bic 3 in One Frame Magent on Sale for $.87 any QTY


Oct 5, 07 08:23 AM

New Eco-Friendly USB Flash Drives

Farfromboring.com is proud to present eco-friendly promotional USB drives. These are not the bamboo and wooden flash drives that we talked about in a previous entry. No, these are flash drives that are made of environmentally safe materials, without the use of harmful chemicals that are traditionally used in the construction of electronic devices. That's right... these USB drives are made without the use of lead, mercury, cadmium, hexavalent chromium, polybrominated biphenyls (PBB), and polybrominated diphenyl ether (PBDE) - the most common and harmful toxins in electronic components. Through their decomposition, they may cause water contamination, and they could be harmful to consumers who may handle the product in unintended ways.

At Farfromboring.com, we stand steadily by our commitment to a cleaner, greener, world. We urge you to take advantage of eco-friendly promotional products such as these USB flash drives. These drives have not only eliminated the use of toxic chemicals, but also use environmentally safe materials for the neck lanyard, vinyl snap pouch, and packaging. Perhaps best of all, the quality of these flash drives has not been sacrificed in order to become eco-friendly. With these promotional USB drives, you get the same useful, reliable device as you would with any other USB drive. Farfromboring.com is clearly your best choice for eco-friendly USB flash drives.

USB Bracelet - Eco Friendly

Oct 2, 07 08:39 AM

Promotionl Apparel for the Winter

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Just as Summer gives way to Fall, and Fall gives way to Winter, as does the apparel we wear. We go from t-shirt to coat in just a few short months. FarFromBoring.com has the entire spectrum of promotional apparel to outfit your employees or customers for the changing seasons. September, its not warm enough for a t-shirt, but too cold for a coat. Consider emblazoning your logo on a long-sleeve t-shirt. For men, we have sporty, two-color raglans or Nike Drifit mocks for those last remaining days on the golf course. For women, we offer the Port Authority Raglan, and the reactive dye long-sleeve. Come October, when the leaves and temperatures begin to fall, bundle up your customers in a sweat-shirt or sweater. We have a range of styles, that will compliment a trip to the grocery store, or the country club. Then, when the snow begins to fall in December, you can promote you business with winter apparel from Farfromboring.com. We can keep your employees or customer warm from head to toe. Wrap up their heads and hands with scarves, hats and gloves, that are fully customizable and come in a wide variety of colors. Then, cover them in the warmth of real down, with our Port Authority Down Jacket. From chilly to downright freezing, Farfromboring.com will keep your employees and customers covered, in the branded promotional apparel of your choice.

Oct 1, 07 08:45 AM

I Like Ike…and Promotions!

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See? Campaign slogans long outlive the actual campaign, and it’s that time again!

Back your favorite candidate with the perfect promotional product. Whether he/she is running for District office or running for the Presidency, Farfromboring.com can help.

Bring attention to your candidate’s views and goals with buttons, pins, pens, hats, mugs, t-shirts, bumper stickers…and so much more.

When dealing with campaigns, time is of the essence. You only have a small period of time to flood the market with as much advertising and awareness possible. Get all of the necessary advertising specialties and political accoutrements right now. A Farfromboring.com representative is standing by to help!