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Jun 29, 07 09:11 AM

Summer Time Promotional Products That are HOT!

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Need help finding the perfect promotional item for summer? We’re here to help!


Farfromboring.com has brainstormed great ideas for all our client’s summer time promotional needs. For all price ranges, quantities, and themes we have the right item for you. Been to the beach lately? (Luckily I live in beautiful sunny Florida) I noticed that everywhere you look people have imprinted beach towels, beach chairs, coolers, to name a few. Everywhere you look on the beach is a great opportunity to advertise. This is prime real estate! There are also some great BBQ items like sauces, rubs, and even hot sauce if your company is feeling a little spicy! Trying to keep your clients safe from the sun? How about sunscreens, SPF lip balm, or a big bucket hat to block the rays. Now is the perfect time to place these orders, don’t miss out on these great items!

Jun 28, 07 03:08 PM

Innovative Promotional Pen Takes Industry by Storm

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What do NBC News, CBS News, CNBC, and MSNBC have in common? They are all raving about the new PenAgain. This pen is the next big thing for your business to use as a promotional product! Why? Farfromboring.com has a great record of knowing what the “next big thing” is. Six months ago we first blogged about Organic and Eco Friendly products and WOW has that taken off, and here as promised is our next big idea. The PenAgain’s primary goal is comfort, your hand is relaxed, no cramps, no callus, no pinching muscles. The PenAgain comes in highlighters, rubber grips, and even one on a rope (great for Trade Shows) Let Farfromboring introduce you to this awesome new product, try a sample but don’t be surprised if someone takes it!

The PenAgain On Special at FarFromBoring.com

View our full selection of The PenAgain promotional proudcts


Jun 27, 07 01:37 PM

FarFromBoring can Brand Your Business with Color

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What color is your business?

Science has long been able to prove that colors can evoke emotion, inspire people, and a new study by Wohlfarth and Sam proves that color can actually affect people physically. Determine the message your business is trying to send and relate it to a color scheme. Here are some examples:

Green- Healthy Lifestyle
Black - Sophistication
Red & Yellow - Attention Grabbers

Start a color scheme for your business and see how fast people associate that color with you! (Think UPS, Google, McDonalds ) Farfromboring has done recent self-promos in an array of bright neon colors and we have gotten a fantastic response!

Click here to see what we suggest.

At farfromboring.com we can find the right item in the right color that will perfectly fit your needs. Contact us today at 866-751-PROMO or email sales@farfromboring.com

Jun 26, 07 01:42 PM

I Gave her my Heart, She Gave me a Pen

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A beautiful sonnet, a heartfelt love note, a letter from an overseas soldier, who says a pen isn’t romantic? Could any of these things exist without one? Okay, so the popularity of the written word has decreased in the recent decade. But the truth is- writing instruments still make up 10% of industry sales. That is second only to wearables. Pens still remain the instrument to learning, communicating and documenting. Everyone is regularly exposed to a pen. So, why do they make such great Promotional Products? Because pens, more then any other item can GROW LEGS!!! Not literally. But a pen has the ability to travel from desk to desk, person to person, counter to counter- you get the point. The imprinted message on the pen is seen by an endless number of people. That is what a promotional product should create, exposure.

Helix promotional pen

But in this evolutionary age, how do you find the right pen? Price is not always the best way to gauge quality. Personal preference is always hard to determine because so many people get to use the pen. A pen should be comfortable in the hand and write smoothly. Imprints should appear clear and meet logo standards. But the key to buying the best pen comes with experience. Finding companies that have a good reputation and who stand by their products. The other benefit to pens is in perception. It is easy to create a high perceived value in pen promotions. Quality, weight, longevity all contribute to easy advertising.

And how the pen has evolved! With the advancement of technology, it’s not only the cell phone that has all the techie gadgets. Flash Drives, UPC coding, digital recording, casino and board games, laser pointers, the list goes on and on.

While Farfromboring Promotions can not help you improve your handwriting, we can help you find the best pen for your budget!

Jun 26, 07 01:22 PM

Corporate Awards and Gifts

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To retain the talent that already exists within your company, show them that you care. Studies and statistics prove that employees stay loyal to companies that recognize their contributions.


Farfromboring.com has many elegant and sophisticated executive gifts and employee recognition awards to choose from. Find the perfect way to express your gratitude to a loyal employee, a stellar performer, or appreciated client. Whether you are in need of an extremely impressive corporate gift to give a departing C.E.O., or awarding your employee of the month, Farfromboring.com will be able to offer unique and creative ideas to meet any of your needs. Speak with one of our representatives today to see how we can help you help your company.

Jun 26, 07 01:17 PM

Advertising on a Tight Operating Budget

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We all know that advertising is necessary for any business to succeed. You must get your company’s message out there and to the right people. And for most start-ups, small businesses, and underfunded non-profits, hiring an advertising agency and public relations team is just simply not in the budget. Don’t worry, because even if hiring the same firm that has created all of those Geico commercials that everyone seems to know and love of is not an option for you, it doesn’t mean that effective advertising is unattainable. Hardly! Promotional products/ad specialties are an excellent way to advertise your business on a tight budget! Circulate your company’s information and reach your target audience. Farfromboring.com can help.

According PPAI, a recent study indicates that 76.1% of respondents could recall the advertiser’s name on a promotional product that they had received in the past 12 months. In addition, 75.4% of respondents said they kept their promotional product because it was useful. Allen and Goel Marketing Company agrees that promotional products are the way to go by stating that they are an excellent way to make certain that “a bulk of your advertising dollars are considered an investment not an expense.”

Cost effective marketing and promotion is just a mouse click or a phone call away. Speak with a Farfromboring.com rep today and start your new business off on the right foot or rejuvenate your old business with new, fresh, and exciting opportunities.

Jun 26, 07 07:38 AM

New Eco Friendly Products at Farfromboring.com

Go Green!

Everyone else is! Want to maintain a competitive edge? Advertise your company’s care and concern for the environment and capture the consumer’s attention with some of Farfromboring’s eco-friendly merchandise.

It is as important as ever in today’s marketplace to keep your fingers on the pulse of current wants and needs of the consumer. Today’s consumers have become extremely conscientious about the state of our natural environment and actively seek to support companies that are thought to be environmentally responsible. Peace of mind is also a very attractive added bonus!

Also, Farfromboring has a wide array of green products that are also hip and fashionable. Tired of the old oatmeal colored shopping tote? Update your look with our new sleek black Recycled Expo Tote. Show off your new Recycled Essential Portfolio at your next important business meeting. Decorate your next corporate event with our biodegradable balloons.

Please speak with a Farfromboring representative to discuss further opportunities. 866-751- PROMO or email Rachel@farfromboring.com


Jun 26, 07 05:18 AM

Sustainable Promotional Products, Another Way to "Go Green"

Are you in the market for a awesome promotional product? This is an idea that is definetly Farfromboring! The ecosphere is a self-contained enviorment complete with active micro-organisms, bright red shrimp and algae, living in filtered sea water. This beautiful item is something people will feature on a desktop for years. Have your company logo laser etched into the side for an elegant look that is sure to make people take notice. Contact a Farfrombroing Specialist today at 866-751-PROMO or email us at Rachel@farfromboring.com

Eco-Sphere Promotional Item - from $45

ecosphere promotional product

Jun 6, 07 03:37 PM

How Will You Celebrate National Hot Dog Month?

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After my last post, I just couldn't leave this one out of the bunch. July is also National Hot Dog Month! This is a great excuse to have that company BBQ or family reunion you've been putting off. Hand out a farfromboring item that will keep people talking and waiting to see what you do next.... hotdog22.bmp

Jun 6, 07 03:18 PM

Celebrating July Awareness Holidays

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Surely everyone knows that July is a month to head out to the beach and enjoy a BBQ, but it's also packed with reasons to celebrate and promote your business. July is also known as: Mental Illness Awareness Month, Family Reunion Month, National Culinary Arts Month, National Grilling Month, National Make a Difference to Children Month, National Parks and Recreation Month, and let's all try to support this one; Cell Phone Courtesy Month. Can your business benefit from promoting these occasions? These are great opportunities to find a fun, creative, and farfromboring promotional product. Contact us today! 866-751-PROMO

Jun 6, 07 02:03 PM

2008 Promotional Calendars, Let's Start Shopping!

Even though we just celebrated Memorial Day, it's already time to start thinking about 2008. If you are thinking about doing a 2008 calendar for your business, now is the time to start planning. By ordering early you can guarantee stock and delivery in time for the New Year. Promotional calendars are a fantastic promotion, your logo will be featured on a wall, desk, or in a purse for 12 full months! Why not try this year’s "most creative calendar" from the Promotional Products Association. It's a calendar/notepad/mousepad all in one! This is a great gift to send customers and give out to employees as we approach the New Year. We can find any shape, size, theme, and material to find the perfect 2008 calendar to suit your needs.

Contact a Farfromboring specialist for more information


Jun 5, 07 09:37 AM

Farfromboring.com Promotes Hurricane Safety Through Promotional Products

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The 2007 hurricane season started off with a bang! Tropical storm Barry gave us a glimpse of whats approaching. According to the Red Cross one of the most important things you can do is be prepared with a disaster kit. The great thing is that most of the items on this list are everyday promotional products. A great item is our hand crank radio/flashlight/cell phone charger. Turn the crank 1 minute and the flashlight can light up continuously for more than 10 minutes. When fully charged, the flashlight can work continuously for 6-8 hours. This is great for emergencies and a must have for survival kits. Farfromboring.com can find the perfect item for you to hand out to your customers, employees, or anyone that may be affected and in need of these supplies.
This is a great way to show everyone that you care, being prepared is the best way to "weather the storm."
Contact a Farfromboring specialist today. 866-751-PROMO


Jun 5, 07 09:02 AM

Stars and Stripes

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Now is the perfect time to start planning for your July 4th promotions. Celebrate America's birthday by giving your customers, employees, and potential clients a patriotic promotional item. Thinking about a company picnic? Show your employees you appreciate them with some great items that will stand the test of time. Want to thank your customers? Send them a great summer item they can use to celebrate the 4th of July. Put your logo on an item that is sure to draw attention and show your spirit for this coming holiday. We have access to thousands of products and we'll find the perfect one for you. Call now, this is a can't miss promotion!
Contact a Farfromboring specialist today at 866-751-PROMO




Jun 4, 07 05:00 PM

Dress For Success- Corporate Apparel

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Why not dress for work in style? When you look good, you feel good... and when you feel good, it shows! Wearables are an excellent way to boost morale, create a sense of unity, and advertise your logo. Whether it’s an office, a restaurant, a warehouse, or at a family reunion we can find the right item for you.
Cotton? Denim? Fleece? Our wearables are not only available in a wide variety of contemporary fashions, but we also provide only the highest quality in corporate apparel. If it looks good, it should last!
Name a color, while you're at it. Colors say a lot about the nature of a business. Sport shirts in regal reds and sunny yellows are sure to energize, while long-sleeved shades of grey and black may invoke a sense of prestige. Farfromboring.com can find the perfect color to compliment your logo and present the right image.
Comfort is also extremely important to the success of any team. Here at Farfromboring.com, we don't believe in "One Size Fits All". That's why our catalog includes all shapes and sizes. When it comes to corporate apparel, Farfromboring.com can fit the needs of any team player. From casual T's to executive threads, Farfromboring.com has exactly what you're looking for.

Contact a Farfromboring representative any time! 866-751-PROMO


Jun 1, 07 11:03 AM

Promotional Mailers Go Green

This brand new item is one of the most exciting and innovative ideas Farfromboring has seen lately. Don't worry about excess packaging with this tote, it takes the place of a box, mailer, or envelope. Just place your item inside the tote, seal it and ship it! When your customer receives the item they simply cut the top off, turn the bag inside out, and there is your logo on a reusable cotton tote bag. This eco friendly mailer creates no garbage or waste. Fill it with your company's catalog or send your clients a gift in this promotional tote bag mailer. You can also custom print on the outside of the mailer. This conversation piece will surely get the word out about your business and will let your clients know that you are a proud supporter of the eco friendly movement. Contact a Farfromboring specialist today for more information. 866-751-PROMO or email Rachel@farfromboring.com farbriko%20for%20blog23.jpg