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Jan 25, 07 06:03 PM

Anti Check Washing Pen - UniBall 207 Gel Pen

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One form of identity theft, a multi-billion dollar fraud that the Federal Trade Commission says affects approximately 10 million Americans every year, is check washing.

The Department of Justice confirms that check washing was an $800 million fraud in the US in 2006, and expects the amount to double in three years because it's such an easy fraud to perpetrate

           UniBall 207 Gel Pen Demonstration


The Simplest Form of Identity Theft is Check Washing

Check washing is the simplest form of identity theft. This type of check fraud doesn't require any high-tech knowledge of computers or forgery and no expensive techniques or machinery is involved.

It all starts when someone steals one or more of your checks: these are checks that you have already filled out and signed. They might be utility payments, a check to the grocery store or the IRS or even a donation to a good cause. The checks can be from your home, from your office mail room or even right out of the mailbox on your street corner.

By using a bit of nail polish remover, paint thinner or other common and inexpensive household product with an acetone base, the crook washes off what you've written (except, of course, for your original signature). Now he's got an unharmed, signed blank check he can make out to himself (or an untraceable dummy corporation). The criminal is now in a position to wipe out your bank account completely.

The simplest way to protect against check washing is to use the UNI-BALL 207 Gel Pen

As simple as the crime of check washing is to perpetrate, it's just as simple for you to protect yourself. If you write all your checks with the UNI-BALL 207 pen, check washing becomes impossible.

You see, criminals know that most of us write with typical dye-based pens. That kind of ink is easy to wash off the surface of a check in an acetone bath. What you need is a pen like the UNI-BALL 207 because it uses a pigmented gel.

Unlike the regular dye-based pens that we all use, the UNI-BALL 207 gel pens actually have little flecks of dried paint floating around in the gel base. The paint pigment attaches to the surface of the paper and cannot be removed. That pretty much stops check washers in their tracks.

Who Can Benefit From Using Gel Pen Fraud Protection? Besides protecting yourself, family and friends (and your company) from check washing and identity theft, encourage your local banks and businesses to switch from dye-based pens the UNIBALL 207.

Banks are certainly at the top of the list because they want you to write checks, but they don't want you to be a victim of check washing fraud. Other businesses that you deal with and that have your financial or private information are your car dealership, insurance company, your lawyer's office, CPA and doctor. If a check can be washed, then why not your next loan or credit application?

Imagine the possibilities on how the Uniball 207 Gel Pen can be used as a promotional products. 

 Uniball 207 Gel Pen - Check Washing Fraud Protection


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Very interesting blog and video. Keep up the good work.

Posted by: john tucker at January 26, 2007 2:44 AM